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Group or on your own! Safety is a huge issue.

Vns9x 102 / 236 16  
Jan 29, 2015   #1
Travelling in group with a tour guide is the best way to travel. Do you agree or disagree

Travelling has always been the thing that people tend to do when they have leisure time. While travelling alone has its own benefits such as privacy, freedom, notwithstanding those benefits do not worth to risk your life, and by travelling alone you will not be able obtain knowledge from other tourist which is a significant disadvantage since travelling is all about experiencing new things, new cultures. Therefore, I utterly support people who reckons that it would be better to travel with a group due to the aforementioned reasons.

Safety is a huge issue of travelling, especially if you travel to the underprivileged country. It has a penchant for having an abundance of robberies, since people who dwell there are usually starving and they have other choices but to rob someone for them and their family's survival. Envision yourself, being a poor individual and you are hungry, obviously if you notice some tourists with lots of cashes, then the likelihood of you snitching their cashes is quite high, of course, that behavior does not apply to every human being. As a result, travelling in a group is imperative to guard from thieves and other evil people.

Alongside the safety, travelling with enormous amount of people will help you gain more knowledge since you will encounter numerous personalities as well as perspectives. Side by side with additional knowledge, your comrades will be rendering you a vibrant atmosphere that you cannot be gotten, if you travel alone because people will commence to banter with each other and those memories can be unforgettable. For instance, assume yourself that you are travelling with many people, and this you will have somebody to interact, confess, tease which are quite pivotal since we are human after all.

Consequently, travelling with other individual can secure your safety and it also provides you with knowledge and a buoyant environment. Indeed, I definitely consent with the community which states that traveling with a group is the best option.

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Jan 29, 2015   #2
English is not my first language,so what i can offer are just my humble thoughts.

You have made a huge mistake by the digression from the topic,for the 'with a tour guide' part is completely left out. That digression seems to have a chain effect on your all essay.

Your understanding of travelling is not so clear. From my point of view, Travelling consists of self-help travelling(solo or group) and package travelling(aka travelling in group with a tour guide).

your arguments are weak(safety is a valid point, but not in your way of argument),a bit untenable(i don't think solo travelling or self-help group travelling means less interaction. On the countrary, solo travelling forces you to walk out of your comfort zone and make real contact with the unknown which is the even greater source of fresh knowledge and perspectives) and even smacks of discrimination in some part(your depiction of 'the underpriviledged country' is, at best, objective)

I think, travelling in group with a guide is more organised(the itinerary is planned in advance), safer(you are in a group) and convenient(food,accommodations and so forth are all taken care of by the agency).

Depite all the negative sides I have mentioned, I think your vocabulary and structure is good(maybe a bit wordy) in general.
What you badly need is the broad range of knowledge and ideas about the whole world which can makes your arguments convincing per ce.
Cheers. Keep going.

PS. I like the reciprocal learning style.(Only hope your critique on my essay can be more specific and detailed.)

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