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Groups or organizations are an important part of some people's lives?

rajankumarkhare 1 / -  
Nov 20, 2011   #1
Groups or organizations are an important part of some people's lives. Why are groups or organizations important to people? Use specific reasons and examples to

explain your answer.

Groups and organizations are the unity of the people who have coherent of thinking. The function of creating groups and organization might be vary. However, every group has some sort of plant and target to do some task. It is believed that not any people are complete themselves. They need other people's help to commit special task. So I believe that the formation of the groups and organizations carry a special account for people lives.

Groups and organization comprise of different hierarchy of people with different expertise in different field. The people with expertise in one field can apply and use his experience, intelligence and experience and finally the output result of the group will be excellent. Consider, completing a software project. People with

expertise in only one field can not make the project succeed. It requires Software architect, Project Manager, Quality control Manager, product manager, Business
Analyst and so on. Software architect focus on designing the software and Quality control Manager focuses on assuring the quality of the software. Software architect do not aware of testing the software and other related stuff and similarly the quality control engineer could not perform the task of software architect. But blend of these two people can create energetic output. Based on this reason people create group and organization.

Not only in professional field, the groups and organization are also formed for social welfare. One member helps in the crisis of another member.
For example, my brother used to go to one university of chine. One day, he became ill. Unfortunately, he did not have sufficient money for treatment.

In this his crisis, Nepalese student organization help him to recover. This event also bolster that the group and organization are very essential things for people lives.

The people with same culture create the group to enhance their cultural value. For instance, tamang people has formed the tamang society. The Gurung people has formed the gurung society. They gather and talk the different issue regarding their cultural value. They wear the same dress. They performed the dance of their culture. Such group can enhance the cultural value of the group and society. This is also a benefit of formation of group.

In conclusion, the formation of group and organization has great value for people lives. For instance, for greater security, productivity and enhancement of society and

culture. Why not we create such group and organization?

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