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There has been a growing concern for lacking basic interactive skills among new graduated employees

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Aug 1, 2020   #1

Lack of interpersonal skills. Causes and Solutions?

In recent decades, there has been a growing concern for lacking basic interactive skills in new graduated employees. Given that the trend has its potential for several negative impacts, identifying the reasons could definitely be the key to find solutions.

There are a variety of reasons why interpersonal ability is not mastered by new employees. First, due to the knowledge-based education system in several nations, a huge amount of emphasis would be placed on delivering knowledge to students. Therefore, it would act as an incentive for excelling their major through theoretical subjects instead of those which require interpersonal skill, resulting in the shortage of that skill in numerous pupils after their universities graduates. Second, by putting high pressure and expectation about academic results measuring by personal performance, a number of students would tend to be shown the carrots of high wages and status to achieve top scores in their education process. According to a recent survey carried out by Vinh University, about 60% of interviewed students reported that achieving high grades in academic examination would be the most crucial factor leading to their employment in top-notch companies.

Nevertheless, there are also a myriad of solutions in order to tackle with this issue. First, it is obvious that transforming the teaching approach could be an efficient way to provide teamwork-oriented skills to students. In particular, by focusing on developing employability skills, including interpersonal ability, as a priority, it could act as an incentive for students to acquire numerous teamwork skills through curriculums in their education process. Second, the interaction between universities and corporations should be improved, as pupils could be provided useful work experience placement before entering the workforce. For example, several companies have offered tuition for talented students in top-notch universities in Hanoi in order to ensure their accomplishments in examination, and therefore become employees in those corporations.

In conclusion, the fact that theoretical education systems and high expectation on academic results could explain the pattern. By changing the teaching methods and strengthening the bond between universities and companies, the number of interpersonal ability-mastered employees could significantly increase.
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Aug 2, 2020   #2
There is a 290 word limit on the writing of this essay. I will grant that 250 is the minimum and there is no actual word limit indication for the exam, experienced examiners have noted that students, who wish to meet the full writing requirements for the task 2 essay do so when writing within 275-290 words. This is the count that allows you to not over discuss your presentation, stay within the 5 sentence requirement, and offer a clear explanation within your essay.

Your presentations are too over written. The Task 2 essay needs you to present the discussions in a direct manner. That means, the first sentence of each reasoning paragraph needs to be a topic sentence. You do not need to use an introduction for every paragraph. You just need the topic sentence and a transition sentence as the 3rd presentation in the paragraph to connect your first and second reasons or solutions. Using numerical ordinals will not help your GRA score. The use of transition sentences are the most helpful when it comes to increasing your GRA score. That is because it shows that you have the ability to use connecting sentences in a manner that further heightens your writing skills in the eyes of the reader. The paragraphs do not need more than 5 sentences to accomplish that task within any given topic.
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Aug 2, 2020   #3
could you kindly suggest me an overall band score for this essay?

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