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What will happen in twenty years? Number of cars are more likely to reduce

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Aug 29, 2011   #1
Agree or disagree:In twenty years there will be fewer cars in use than there are today.

In modern society, cars enable people to travel easier and faster. However, as the number of owners of cars increases, many problems associated with cars start revealing. Among them, serious pollution and heavy traffic are the two most prevalent problems.

Cars cause serious pollution to the environment. Cars need to gain energy from fuel. The amount of fuel is limited on earth and it requires a lot of machines and energy to dig the fuel underground. Both the harmful gases released from the machines and the damage of the ground surface can harm the natural environment.Cars themselves also release gases that can pollute the air seriously,especially in the cities where fewer trees or other plants grow. Thus, cars can seriously pollute the air.

Cars are responsible for the heavy traffic across the world. In the past, there was less heavy traffic and people who had cars can enjoy great convenience and efficiency. Nonetheless, as time goes by, increasingly more cars appear on the streets and have already caused serious traffic problem in populous areas all over the world. The streets were designed decades ago for relatively small amount of cars. The number of cars go up while the streets structures remain the same, so the problems start and still have not been solved. Some people might suggest build an entirely new street system to fit the current situation, but it will lead to heavier traffic if the government shut some roads down.

Despite the problems that cars caused, car actually benefit people a lot. Cars let people to go farther places quicker and don't need to worry about the time like when people take the subway,or the distance like people go on foot. Nevertheless, since the traffic is so heavy, people can no longer experience the great convenience the cars originally provided. When think of the future of the children, most people tend to want to give their children a clean environment, so they may stop using cars.

Therefore, on the general scale, the number of cars are more likely to reduce in twenty years.

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