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The Short Happy Life Of Francis Macomber Essay

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Jun 6, 2008   #1
Mrs. Macomber shot her husband on purpose because she wanted to kill him and stay with his money. Mrs. Macomber never loved her husband. She was just with him for his money. She wanted to kill Mr. Macomber after she saw he had conquered his fear. She knew Mr. Macomber wouldn't need her no more, and would leave her. Mrs. Macomber didn't like that her husband was a coward. She makes no secret of this as she slips off in the middle of the night to sleep with Mr. Robert Wilson, the safari guide. At the beginning of the story Mr. Macomber dislikes the lion hunting and acts cowardly, but in the end he finds it marvelous, and it is Margot who is afraid. The next day as she saw that Francis continue to prove himself strong and courageous, so she realizes he might leave her and she wouldn't be able to ridicule him. Francis would let Mrs. Macomber get away with anything, she would kiss Mr. Wilson in the mouth, and he wouldn't say anything.

The basis of their marriage is that Mrs. Macomber is too beautiful for Francis to divorce her, and Francis has too much money for her to ever leave him. In the story we learn she has cheated on him before. When Francis realizes where his wife was he tells her "You promised me there wouldn't be any of that", showing her infidelity had been going on for a long time. In the beginning of the story she had looked forward to the hunt because she assumed that Macomber would show his cowardice again. But now she hates it because she realizes that she's losing psychological control over Macomber. Margots marriage to Macomber is based on money, and her psychological control and power over him. She knows that if Macomber realizes his strong sense of manhood finally, he will have the courage to leave her. And go looking for other young beauties, who don't treat him as bad as she does. In the story she also suggests how she's not as beautiful as she once was. Robert Wilson a witness in the shooting also says that he believes Margot shot her husband on purpose. He clearly says that if Macomber would of lived, he would had left her.

this is another journal entry, the thesis is the first sentence,and has to be like this
Mrs. Macomber shot her husband on purpose because ....and...

My teacher just checks the grammar,

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