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I'm having an essay about 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). Check if I made any grammar mistakes.

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Oct 30, 2015   #1
In 2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick has surveyed more about the dim prospect of man in the age of the material and mechanical that described in Dr. Strangelove four years earlier. When explaining how unique idea for a science fiction film features have appeared to him, he said, "Most astronauts and other scientists to consider this whole issue asserts that the universe is full of private life; many of which are life, because the numbers too shaken, equivalent us intellectually, or higher, only because the human mind has existed for a relatively short time spans. "He approached Arthur Clarke, the science fiction short story of his," The Sentinel," eventually became the basis for this film. First they extend the short story into a novel, to develop the potential of the story fully, and then turn the novel into a screenplay that.

MGM bought the script package and six million dollar financing for the film, and this budget after four years in the making of the movie has increased ten million. Although in 2001 the opening encounters apathy movie review and even opposition, then the opinion of the critics completely reversed. Because the film is often revived, it earned several times the initial cost.

2001 opened with the first scene of civilization in which apes learn to use bones as weapons defeat the enemy, ironically since then we taken a step toward humanity. When a chimpanzee who tossed their weapons into the air, it appears a scene transition space ship of 2001. "This is simply a fact remarkable," Kubrick commentary, "that all are human technology developed from the discovery of tools as weapons. No doubt the emotional relationship between man and deeply machines their guns, which are their children. The engine began to assert itself in a very profound, even attracted the sympathy and sparked an obsession. "

The idea was to dramatize in the film while astronaut Dave Bowman two and Frank Poole found himself relying on the generosity of the HAL 9000 computer, which is controlling their space ship. (There are many repeated sections adjacent scenes of people with very human weaknesses with his fallible nature is always present in the machine: beautiful, practical, but cold and unfeeling.) When the computer HAL mistakes, he declined to admit evidence likely to commit their mistakes and follow him killed aboard the space to cover it. Here, like in Dr. Strangelove, Kubrick showed that the ability of human errors led to the abrogation less human than the denial of their moral responsibility to avoid those machines are not supposed to make mistakes.

Kubrick also believes people should attempt to master himself, not only to learn their tools, "Someone said that man is the unknown transition species (missing links) between primitive apes with civilized humanity. You can say that it is also inherent in the story of 2001. We are in the form of semi-civilized, can cooperate and can have feelings, but need an individual transformation to become way more of life. Because the means used to remove life on earth exists, it needs to do something more than just careful planning and rational cooperation to avoid the final catastrophe events. This problem still exists as long as the potential that exists; and in essence, this is a matter of moral and spiritual. "

The opinion is very close to what Charlie Chaplin expressed in the closing speech in The Great Dictator movie: "We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery we need humanity. Over the ingenuity, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent, and all will all be gone. "

The general implications of the film show Kubrick's view of life have a more positive aspects than the views that people see earlier in his works. Here he displays the creative encounter of man with the universe and show potential for future unfathomable by the form of prospects than before, such as in the movie Dr. Strangelove.

The film ends with a scene Bowman, the only survivor of the campaign, to be reborn as "an organism is improved, a child of outer space, an angel, a superman, depending on your calling, "Kubrick explains," and this creature back to earth that had been preparing for the next leap forward the destiny of human evolution. "

Kubrick felt that "the idea of ​​God is located in the heart the film" because, if any alien organism is about to appear before the people, then people will immediately think that is God or messenger of God. As a creature of these creatures appears in the film, it is described as a black stone tablet unnecessarily. Kubrick thought better not to attempt a particular description of this being, "You have to make room for the viewer's imagination," he concluded.

In summary, not ostentatious nor much explanation, in 2001 as the viewer experience the film as a whole block. As Kubrick commented, "The feeling of this experience is important, not the fact that we can express it in words. I tried to create a visual experience that will penetrate directly into the subconscious content of the material. "The result is that for people to see the film becomes a wholly subjective experience that touch to share their real sense in the same way that the music performed, to the viewer free to speculate on the subject matter. As one critic has said, in 2001 succeeded in bringing technology and appeal of the film format to experience films in the studio format, "making it the most expensive movie of undercurrent." The particular phenomenon that, in the final analysis, have made 2001: A Space Odyssey is much loved for a long time. The Kubrick film set in the context of 2001 is significant because the silent film Metropolis by Fritz breakthrough happened in 2000. Lang Detailed reference to Lang's film like this shows reverence necessary for the initial success of a master in the field of science fiction - an achievement that is based on the success story here Kubrick and his films also pass the main accomplishments.
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Nov 2, 2015   #2
In summary, notnor ostentatious noror much explanation. In 2001 as the viewer experience the film as a whole block. As Kubrick commented, "The feeling of this experience is important, not the fact that we can express it in words.

... content of the materials .
... speculate on the subject matters .

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