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'health is the most important thing' - fast food restaurants or not

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Jul 2, 2012   #1
The number of fast food restaurants has increased over the last few years. Some people are very anxious about this increase. What is your opinion of fast food restaurant and thier effects on the population? Give your reasons or examples to support your ideas."

Many fast food restaurants has opened in recent years and in numerous countries.Different people have different ideas about this increase.As for me,I would prefer it if its number will be in minimal growth .

Everyone knows that the most popular fast food restaurant is McDonald's which is located in more than hundreds countries,6 continents and operates over hundreds of thousands restaurants worldwide.Admittedly,KFC plays second place in its.We are well -known as common menu items of fast food outlets included :Big Mag,KFC,hamburgers,pizzas,hot dogs,sandwiches,French fries,fired chicken ,chips...Like everything has 2 sides,advantages and disadvantages.Let's talk about them.

The dilemma facing us today is how to save our limited time and money in the inflated countries, in the world of constant change.So in such circumstances ,the main advantages of fast food restaurants is that eating fast food is one of the best solution for essential busy people.On grounds of fast food can be prepared,served so fast, convenient,cheap and time-saving approach.

But for human being ,the biggest questions which remained us is how to keep healthy. If you are rich,successful but not healthy that means you are not happy .Maybe you will pay whole time,money to stay healthy.With fast food we are facing with extremely problems .Because fast food is low in nutrition and high in trans fat,saturated fat,sodium,cholestrerol.The current dietary habit is related to the increase healthy problem such as :high blood pressure,overweight,heart disease...It is one of the worriest problems for adults and especially for children-our future generations.

In conclusion,for me health is the most important thing in our daily life. I do everything possible thing to keep my health. So I only choose fast food in the case I don't have time and money.Hopefully, everyone are making best choices in any case ,not event fast food restaurants in our life.

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