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Toefl: "health improvement and time-saving" food has become easier to prepare...

hvthoteen 16 / 44 4  
Aug 3, 2011   #1
Toefl topic: Nowadays food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Whether easier ways to prepare food improves people's lives or not is a hotly debated topic. Numerous ideas have been demonstrated. From my perspective, people benefit when food is more convenient to cook because this change not only increase people's health, but also save them more time.

First and foremost, health improvement is essential for a good life. The fact is that there are now modern appliances in the kitchen so that people are possible to prepare food in an easy way, which leads them to cook several types of food with a great deal of nutrition. A meal with more nutritious food is likely to provide children with necessary substances to boost their immune system, adults with enough energy to work, and elderly people with suitable materials to maintain stable health. Moreover, nutrition in food remains almost unchanged in a certain amount of time with the help from advanced preservation methods. This progress is sure to decrease diseases related to leftover food. Indeed, the change in making food helps increase people's health.

In addition, time-saving is crucially important in a modern society. It is apparent that the life today is fast, which means that people tend to have less time to cook. However, this is no longer a serious problem because there have appeared new tools, devices, and effective recipes that allow people to prepare food in a short time. With time saved, people can concentrate on their jobs to raise working efficiency. For many, especially women, having more time helps them care for their children and families better. Without any doubt, convenient food preparation helps people a lot by saving them more time.

In conclusion, both health improvement and time-saving strongly convinces me that easier process to cook food has positive impacts on people's way of living. The progress not only makes people healthier, but also brings them more time in a busy society. All of these advantages are valuable.
shahdad 7 / 17  
Aug 3, 2011   #2
That is a decent essay, but i think your body should consist more than two paragraph. However, i am not really sure about the TOFEL structure.
OP hvthoteen 16 / 44 4  
Aug 3, 2011   #3
i think that is not matter
just focus on grammar and ideas

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