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Healthy lifestyle in cities and countryside

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Oct 14, 2021   #1

Is it healthier to live in the countryside?

In the state-of-the-art world, there has been a predisposition that people pay significantly more attention to their health. While it is thought that living in rural areas is advantageous for people to enhance their healthy lifestyle, I still hold the view that there are plenty of existing merits for humans' health when they reside in big cities.

On the one hand, it is undeniable that the quality of the environment is a crucial aspect that primarily contributes to a healthy life of citizens living in the countryside. The industrialization, which exacerbates polluted problems, does not exist in rural areas, so people residing in those areas can breathe the fresh air, and drink purified water. It is transparent that countrysides' dwellers rarely suffer from health problems such as air hunger and allergies, and it is easier to maintain their healthy lifestyle.

On the other hand, cities' inhabitants have vast chances to approach modern facilities and equipment in order to improve their mental and physical health. By the means of technological advances, urban areas can provide their citizens with plenty of medical facilities so that these people can check and cure their ailments earlier, which is totally beneficial for health. Furthermore, because of a developed economy, authorities of big cities can spend a wide range of money on building and restoring infrastructures, particularly hospitals and health centres. Besides, exercise instruments are also equipped sufficiently in public parks, so people can work out whenever they want without payment.

To recapitulate, although there may be a positive scenario for inhabitants' health when they settle in bucolic provinces, I can not ignore the multitude of health benefits that cutting-edge technologies and modern amenities in urban areas bring for dwellers.
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Oct 15, 2021   #2
I still hold the view

It is not only your opinion on the discussion topic that is needed to complete your opinion statement. The need to answer via "To what extent do you agree or disagree ?" must be represented before anything else. A combined response would work in this case. A combined response would be presented like:

Due to a personal preference, I still STRONGLY hold the view that...

The highlighted word is the " extent" response needed by the prompt question. Such a combined thought statement creates a highly responsive presentation and recieves a better accuracy consideration. The reason for the opinion is clear, it is the expected response that was not

provided creating an incomplete response in the process.

On the one han

On the other hand

Please remember that an extent essay is a single opinion defense writing test. it is not the task of the writer to convince the reader that lboth sides have a good reason to be believed. Rather, the paper must convince the reader, using at least 2 valid reasons, that your opinion is the correct one and must be believed. Only the opinion defense paragraph will be considered for scoring. The presentation is weak and incomplete due to the lack of supporting discussion points.

can not

This is written as one word to deliver the meaning you want to convey.

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