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Rather than help their children do school work parents should encourage their do work

amanda guo 5 / 8  
Oct 31, 2011   #1
Since China implements the one child policy, parents are more and more concerned about children's learning. Some parents even help children do school work. So someone suggested rather than help their children do school work, parents should encourage their do work independently. I totally agree with this point of view.

There is no denying that parents hope their children get a better future, but help them do school work that is not a good idea. Because sometimes parents see their children through the eyes of a protector, they don't want see their children unhappy or tired and they help them do directly. Sometimes parents let children misunderstand their school work is also parents'. Children will lose their abilities of independent thinking and their independent sense. Because they get answers easily from their parents they will never think about it by themselves. When they're older, they still dependent their parents and cannot solve problems.

In addition, when children don't want doing their school work, parents should encourage them and find the reasons why children don't want to do. For instance, sometimes children want to play games or watching TV, so they have no time to do school work. At this time, parents should change their study attitude and let them finish their work then can do anything they want. Every once in a while, some school work are difficult to children, they lose their interest and confidence. At this time, parents should guide them to find answers not just give them answers directly. In this way, children not only get the answers but also get the ways of thinking from parents. Moreover, the discussion between parents and children can promote the emotional communication and parents can know more about their children's thoughts.

In a sense, parents help children do school work is not real help but harm. In my suggestion, to be good parents should give children confidence and sense of responsbility and encourage them do school work themselves.

Could you please help me find out the flaws or give me some advice?
thank u

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