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Essay about high desire to keep pets at home. What are the causes and effects of this?

NguyenAnh260 1 / -  
Apr 22, 2022   #1

Nowadays many people enjoy keeping pets at home.

What are the causes of this? What effects can be seen as a result of this? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

Keeping pets at home is an issue that arouses greater and greater concern today. / Nowadays, many people tend to enjoy keeping pets at home and it become an issue that arouses greater and greater concern today. Having pets at home changes today's life positively. It can help people have a companion in life, change their thinking, and so on. Keeping pets at home is chosen for many reasons: safety, improved human health, and enhanced mood.

Safety is the first thing that appears in many people's brains when they talk about keeping pets at home. Some kinds of animals have been recognized for their ability to support and protect humans like dogs, cats, birds, horses,...For example, a dog might attack a robber or thief who is sneaking into your home at night. TV has also published stories about cats that realize children are about to be in danger and promptly help them. Moreover, pets are also a burglar alarm. Many people keep dogs, gooses, and parrots at home to protect their property and alarm when something happened. Humans can easily hear their pets shout when strangers break into the house, warning when having a fire or someone are in danger.

At the same time, pets also improve human health. Scientists have researched and realized that people who have pets in the house will find it easier to control their blood pressure than those who do not. The reason for it is having pets at home will reduce cardiovascular reactivity during stressful period. That means the heart rate and blood pressure will not be affected too much and can turn to normal quickly. Besides that, keeping pets at home is a source of exercise. Pets are uncomfortable when staying at home day by day so people have to pick them up and go outsides, which leads to humans also having companionship when they do exercise. Moreover, when people have pets, they have some games to play outsides with their pets too.

The enhanced mood is the last effect that people pay attention to when they get pets. Because keeping pets at home has both reduced physiological and psychological stress. Keeping pets at home leads to humans having more time to do exercise and it is good for stress management and overall health. Besides that, nobody can angry with a cute puppy or a super-soft cat, some stupid activity of pets will make a day funny and something cute will make a day comfortable. People who have pets are told that pets are an antidote for loneliness, especially old-man. When having pets, people will not worry about not having someone beside them because pets will be there anytime and can companion with humans anywhere.

In conclusion, keeping pets at home has many benefits for people, so it attracts more people daily. Having pets at home is not only good for people's health, and psychology but also good for connection and we can't admit that people are happier when having pets of their own.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,856 4178  
Apr 22, 2022   #2
The prompt restatement paragraph is faulty as the writer repeats himself over several sentences. It also shows that the writer can only write in memorized phrases as he reuses the phrase

Keeping pets at home

and its variation several times in the presentation. Each time the phrase is used, he merely repeats his first meaning, thus creating redundant presentations throughout the paragraph. He also uses the word "concern" incorrectly. The word usually carries a negative connotation referring to worry and distress. If the reference is positive then this is not the word that should be used. Good work on presenting the positive causes of keeping pets though. That was definitely on point and helped clarify the writer's opinion even though the prompt restatement was confusing for the reader.

The writer has over-written the discussion points in the sense that he presents 3 reasoning paragraphs where only 2 discussion paragraphs are needed. So the writer will basically not meet the time limitation for the essay, which is 40 minutes. He has written so much, and failed to review the essay for errors that can lower his score. There problem points were left in the presentation, uncorrected. So the essay will not be leaning towards a passing score.

He has punctuation errors that should have been corrected. He used a comma and ellipse successively in a sentence. 2 punctuation marks cannot be used simultaneously in a sentence, these must be separated by a phrase. One punctuation mark per idea. Ellipses are used to connote unspoken thought, which is not allowed in the Task 2 essay. This shows the lack of punctuation usage knowledge on the part of the writer and will reduce the score accordingly.

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