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TOEFL: High stress job paid a lot of money or low stress job with just enough to live on?

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Aug 8, 2014   #1
Hi, everyone. I am very glad and open to receive every comment. Please rate my essay if you can, thanks in advance. :-)

Question : Would you rather have a high stress job that paid a lot of money or a low stress job that provide you with just enough to live on. Please give specific reasons, details , and examples to support your response.

Money is everything. It is hard to leave without money that we value it as an indispensable factor satisfying our needs. People question whether the approaching of a lot of money should be received from hard working. If I have to deal with some stress tasks in order to gain high salary, I personally would be happy rather than suffering from having just enough money to survive from day-to-day.

To begin with, jobs paying huge salary generally come not only with stress but also challenges and fun. I believe that taking advantages of the opportunities of managing painstaking tasks is the effective methods of successful person. For example, Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, is the one that have a strong-minded effort through difficulties in his work. Moreover, handling all complex situation is what he thought as the most fun. With this motivation, he kept busy, pursued new knowledge and tried to complete unsolvable tasks and challenges.

Furthermore, jobs with much salary are more likely to increase chances for prosperous wealthy. With just small money for day-to-day living seems to be impossible for a person who would like to have a stable financial security. I think that being affluence is resulted from money saving and investing in stocks. When people confront insufficient salary for saving, it would damage their financial security and give a sound of financial status failure. Additionally, negative impact in the long run for persons who have family would be very struggling as they need huge money to afford their children's education, pay for taxes, utilities and more. Thus, their future may be filled with agony.

To conclude, I am convinced that high stress work with a great number of money is overweight low stress work with small money because of more challenges, amusement and sound of financial success in the long term. Thus, I would better select high stress work which enriches my financial statement.

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Aichen 1 / 1 1  
Aug 8, 2014   #2
Hi~according to the topic "Would you rather
have a high stress job that paid a lot of money or a ...", ,your second reason is quite sound, but I think you can modify the first reason a little bit to relate to the topic more. For example, you may add a brief conclusion to state that

being a successful person by taking advantages from a high stress job"is what you want to do, or you can add by saying that the challenges and fun from a high stress job are positive motives that can make you work more actively or inspire you to create something successfully.

Hope my personal ideas are helpful. Kindly let me know if my ideas are not clear and we can have further discussion. Thanks. :)
OP Audi 2 / 3 3  
Aug 9, 2014   #3
Thank you for your useful advice, Aichen. I clearly see your point and try to improve them in further writing :)

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