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[IELTS-Writing Task 2] Highways - Problems and Solutions

kentphong 1 / -  
Jul 27, 2017   #1
Motorways help people travel quickly and cover long distances but they also cause problems. What are the problems of motorways and what solutions are there?

quick travel, environment suffer

In developed countries, highways are great benefits which help people to move swiftly and go to a further place in time. Nevertheless, they also cause some problems. This essay will discuss two main issues of freeways and propose some solutions.

Firstly, people may face risks which can be incredibly dangerous when driving on motorways. On thoroughfares, the speed limit is very high, so drivers are allowed to drive at high speed. This means that serious accidents might happen and cause severe damages to people and vehicles. At the worst, many people may be killed and many vehicles can be destroyed. Furthermore, the young who are always in a drunk situation drive at high speed on throughways. Therefore, they are easily out of control the vehicle and crash into another vehicle. The high-speed problem could be solved by reducing the speed limit to the safety threshold. This solution can force people to drive slowly. Also, people who violate the rules should face stiff punishments. This is an effective way to improve the awareness of traffic law compliance.

Secondly, motorways can affect negatively a pristine environment. Many expressways may be built at beautiful areas where plants have grown and animals have lived for a long time. This thing breaks delicate ecological balance there. Moreover, the emission of harmful gas like carbon dioxide from many vehicles cause air pollution. Besides, the sound from vehicle's engine and whistle also cause noise pollution. These problems can be tackled by finding a suitable place to build undergrounds and tunnels where motorways can not go through areas of plants and animals. And governments should check carefully vehicles before running on roads, encourage drivers to drive environmentally friendly vehicles and put up sound proof fences.

To sum up, it can not be denied that highways have given people incredible benefits. Besides, motorways also cause environmental problems and serious accidents. However, with proper planning and solutions, governments could solve completely above mentioned problems.
ghazali 4 / 6 2  
Jul 28, 2017   #2
- it is be better if you use correct collocation
traffic law compliance = traffic law abiding
environmentally friendly = eco friendly

for conclusion, you should repeat and summary your explanation.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,562 4442  
Jul 28, 2017   #3
@kentphong You have written a level level 7 essay in my opinion. It is well thought out, presented, and accurately portrays all required elements of Task 2 writings. You have some minimal mistakes though which affected the scoring. One of the problems is that you tend to start some sentences with "And" or "Because". These 2 terms are not used to start a sentence in academic writing because these are connective words which indicate a continued discussion of the same topic. When used at the start of a sentence, it does not connect anything from the previous paragraph in a continuous sentence. Your argument will also be stronger if you do not make any last minute additions to your discussions at the end of the paragraph. It does not leave any room for further explanation development so it just hangs there without proper reinforcement or data support. It is best to simply discuss one reason in a strong manner. It shows a cohesive and coherent thought process. Good work overall. I hope to read more of your practice tests. You have the ability to perform well in the actual test if you keep going like this during practice.

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