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Hiking safety - writing practice - article

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Jan 16, 2008   #1

This is my fifth practice. Please give me feedback.

Thanks in advance for your help, Sarah.

You are the chairperson of the school hiking club. Recently there have been several reports of accidents that have happened to people hiking on their own in remote areas.

Write an article for your school newspaper offering advice to students on safety measures that they need to take when hiking and what they should do in case of an emergency.

How to Enjoy Safe Hiking

Suffered injury when the weather was bad, John, a junior hiker, was found in a remote area after he got lost for five days. Mary, ended with her boy friend recently, went hiking alone to relieve her sadness, was found by a passer-by when she was bound to a tree. Recently, these similar hiking accidents happened increasingly, influencing people to find alternative ways to spend their leisure time. However, these accidents are preventable. There are several measures students can take to prevent them from happening.

First of all, students should do some research when they plan their hiking. They could go to the website of Hong Kong Observatory to check whether the day they want to go hiking is estimated to be good. In any case, they must change their plans if the weather is bad. In terms of where to go, they should go to news-searchable websites to find whether the crime rate in the area is low and the place is safe enough to go.

Added to this, students should bring complete equipment when hiking. A map and a compass can help you to lead the way and prevent you from getting lost. A stick can help you steady walk onto bumpy ground of remote areas and keep you from suffering injury. Water and food supply energies and power. A fully-charged mobile phone paves you the way of finding help. A whistle, which seems trivial but surprisingly useful, can be the fastest way to find help and an effective way to alert someone who is acting suspicious.

Furthermore, Student should find company when they go hiking. Going hiking alone is not only drying and boring, but also dangerous. Most of the accidents happen to people with no company. It is because solitary people will find it hard to get an instant help. Also, the fewer, the weaker; robbers tend to rob these people.

The last measure students should take is to inform their families when and where to go hiking. By this kind of act, students can get help even if they are not able to find help. Also, helpers can help them more effectively and efficiently.

Prevention is better than cure. Measures should be taken before unfortunate events happen. However, accidents can still happen whatever we prepared. There two things that students should do in case of an emergency.

First and foremost, students must stay calm and remain rational if they face unfortunate event. They should not let their sentimental thinking control themselves. For example, if you are being robbed, you should not oppose to the robber. Safety is always on the top priority. The only thing you can do is to try to remember the robber's facial features and clothing and report them to the police after the robbery.

Secondly, you should find help. Use your equipment to find help. You may also be able to find some indicator board, which was set by the government in remote areas and was written with location reference. It helps others to locate your position and go to help you more rapidly. Yet if you have no equipment, just do everything you can do to attract others' notice and get help. For example, let out your scream.

Hiking provides us a chance to get away from our bustling and hustling city and inhale fresh air. As a mild exercise, it suits all ages to do. Therefore, we should not throw away the apple because of the core. By taking the measures and knowing what to do in case of an emergency mentioned above, students will be safe to enjoy hiking.

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