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The hiring process of a company is depicted in the flow chart - five steps

amour /  
May 3, 2016   #1
The hiring process of a company is depicted in the flow chart. Overall, there are five steps how the company recruits its candidate.

First step is the applicants submit their resume to the company. Then next, the employer's assistant will read the resume and select whether the candidate's qualifications are compatible. If the applicants are less suitable to the position, they will reject it and vice versa. If the applicants fit to the position, the assistant will accept their resume.

The following step is the employer turn to read through the candidate's resume. Similar to the prior process, the employer will adopt who are the compatible candidates for the position. After the employer decides their candidates, then they will ask them to interview. This is the last step throughout the process. The successful interview candidates are hired to fill the job, while those who are fail, unfortunately will not be hired. These are the process of how the company recruits the candidates.

justivy03 - / 2,367 607  
May 4, 2016   #2
Hi Helene, this analysis is one of the most comprehensive ones I read so far today, I believe the key to writing an accurate analysis is to, first, understand the given representation, may it be a pie graph, a bar graph or a diagram.

Once you gain confidence in understanding the figures, you must keep your focus on the facts, that is solely base on the given chart, the information should be in a no-more-no-less position and even more so, at the highest possible accuracy. Now, going back to your analysis, I mentioned that it is very comprehensive, this is because you nailed the points directed above and this is a very good practice, the more you write it this way, the better writing you will produce next time.

Overall, the only thing that I noticed, is your punctuation marks, you tend to forget them as you are so engrossed in your writing and this absolutely normal, what I do though is I proof read my essay before posting, this way, I get the first hand at criticizing my own work and you can do the same with yours.

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