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Some historical events caused many effects on my country and forced people to change their behavior

youe 3 / 3 1  
May 8, 2016   #1
What historical event in your country has had a major effect on your country? Give reasons and examples to support your response.

Some historical events caused many effects on my country and influenced people to change their behaviors after the events. Though my country might lose lots of by those events, which also improved our government of policies. There are two events impressing me deeply, which I will explore in the following essay.

The first event we called Jie-Zeng incident is that a man named Jie-Zeng killed many people randomly in a carriage on the Metro Rapid Transit. It hasn't been a long time to happen this kind of frightening incident that someone killed people in a public area. The event become the most crucial news for a period of time, people cared about the result of this man and wondered weather the man would be sentence to death or not. Consequently, the man was judged to death as we thought but the incident though had a serious influence on a few people. For example, two more killing incidents happened after Jie-Zeng incident, when police asked the killers for the motives of the incidents, they all claimed that they just wanted to mimic the behavior of Jie-Zeng.

Secondly, another one significant event called Sunflower Student Movement is that our country's legislature passed an act by a black-box operation, which mean passed only in just thirty seconds without presented details. As the act would seriously impact not only our economy but also our politics, many students from college went on strike for canceling the act, taking to the streets and occupying the legislature up to twenty-four days. Although the leader and two hundreds of students of the movement were sentenced to the jail, there was a positive change along with the event. For Instance, a mayoral election of the capital was held after the event, many depressed people decided not to vote for a mayor. However, lots of students return to hometown due to the election, they realized that being a responsible citizen is important, thinking that if government couldn't do their duty well, people should supervise by themselves. As a result, there was the first time that a commoner without any party affiliation was elected to be a mayor because of students stood out to display their stance for the election.

Taking into account all aforementioned statements, these historical events has had major effects on my country including advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, people can always take a lesson from events and government is able to revise their policies to better ways. We might think that historical event gave us many losses, but it also progressed our country to become more successful.

MaximKlopunov99 13 / 22 4  
May 8, 2016   #2
Hello Youe, here are some of mine suggestions:
government of polices the polices of the government, government's policy
this kind of frightening incidents
cared about the result sentence of this man
be sentenced to death
occupying the legislature- What does it mean? Is it when the legislative authorities were busy with this case day and night?
these historical events has have had major effects (or had).
As for the Sunflower Student Movement and the black-box operation, it wasn't quite clear for me: you could have written one more sentence about it.

The overall logic of this essay is good, it's fairly written.
OP youe 3 / 3 1  
May 8, 2016   #3
Hi MaximKlopunov99,

Thanks for your help, which is very useful for me :)
the words "occupying the legislature" means that they occupied the court, the main meeting room of the legislature.

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