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Essay about the history of the UK

lowryder49 7 / 31  
Jun 15, 2008   #1
I have to write about the history of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Here is as far as i went please advice me

The UK has passed trough differents changes and invations since their first record of its existance.From Celts, Romans, Germanic and Norman threats and for the fertile land and minerals results the final form of what is now known as Great Britain.Their invaders influence in language, customs and cultural achievements brought about a completely new civilization.

Britain, how it was known then, was first inhabitated by the Celts. They were a group of Indo-european tribes, half nomadic half settled people and worked the land, manufactured wool and leather and accomplished the domestication of animals.At this stage, their language was gaelic with no written form but pictographic one or runic.Their society was divided into three classes: The warrior aristhocracy, the intellectual class and everyone else. Their religion was polytheistic at this time, druids were sort of priest who performed functions as teaching, judging and ritual sacrifices. The Celts society was hierarchical and the king was the supreme authority. Furthermore, Theri society was organize around warfare, due to the fact that the island was desirable for invaders both for its agriculture and minerals.

The first invation, was by the Romans. Julius Caesar , the emperor, and his legions invade britain in 55 BC. However, they not completely subdued all the Celtics tribes. As a result, they had to maintain a constant military control over the unconquerers. While the Roman were in Britain, they made contributions in language, agriculture, industry, urbanization as well as in architecture.For example the construction of the palace of Fishbourne. similarly the roman bath was introduced to Britain. Finally they withdraw in 410 AD due to weather conditions, but another menace came to the remained Celts.

The Angles,The Saxones and the Jutes were germanic tribes known for their savage sacirfices. The arrival of these tribes into Britain result in a total butchery.

ok i will continued the second part when i finshed to think about it, please can you check my work so far.
Lorena Costilla

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