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History and China - Why Lehigh, need corrections

owen92217 3 / -  
Dec 28, 2008   #1
Obsessed with the historical documentaries of his time, my father often watches them with great appreciation on the sofa. I was always puzzled with his rapturous expression but he told me that the changes in China have been so great and he even could not imagine it. These great changes may only call other children's gratitude to the life they are now living, but for me, they brought out my curiosity. I always asked myself: What caused the dramatic changes in economy and society of China? Why does China develop much faster than others?

From then on, I developed a great interest in economics and finance, and I had a clearer academic orientation. With reading the articles about Lehigh University on the internet, I was attracted by the sentence 'On the entrance of the university, students have to face the challenge in their study.' which comes from the school of business. Furthermore, Lehigh University lays emphasis on the cooperation and discussion among the students with different majors, all students may not just fettered by their own subject, they could learn more knowledge and experience, it'll be a rare opportunity for me to study in Lehigh University. I do hope I can make my own contributions to the economic development of China through the study in Lehigh University.

From more references about Lehigh University, I knew that its education focuses on practicing, which will carry us working ability and adapt ourselves to the modern life. Moreover, combining work with relaxation is the studying style which is no doubt fit to me. The beautiful and comfort campus with the conception of teaching 'learning business principles from business practice' confirms my belief to pursue my study in Lehigh University.

I believe that I can bring diversity to Lehigh University, since my homeland, China, which has totally five thousand years of history, influenced me a lot during the past eighteen years: I realized the profound mystery of calligraphy; I was attracted with Beijing opera; I learned to cook delicious Chinese food. Also, I experienced the great changing of China's economy, witnessed the developing of large companies as well as the bankrupt ones. I'm sure that my own knowledge with experiences can carry Lehigh University a more colorful and diversiform environment.

It's my essay of why I wanna go to Lehigh University. I really hope somesone can give some comments and corrections.

Thanks a lot~!

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