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A hobby or interest can change from time to time as a reflection of trends and fashions

Rachael12345 1 / -  
Apr 14, 2021   #1

Popular hobbies and interests change over time and are more a reflection of trends and fashions

Many are of the opinion that fashionable momentary trends nowadays take precedence over personal interests when it comes to determining one's pastimes. I therefore partly agree with the assertion as to me, it is not applicable to some situations.

Supporters of simply passing trends can point to their reasonable arguments. The power of mass media platforms over our lifestyle is the foremost justification. Teenagers are specifically attracted to fads among their peers. One salient example of this is a phenomenon named 'the hot trend' according to generation Z dictionary in which adolescents seem to have a new interest whenever the latest craze sweeps through their milieu. In 2017, our Fidget Spinners cult experienced an ultimate resurgence in their popularity. Thousands of people at that time were obsessed with these and apparently, they swiftly embedded in our popular culture and made appearances in schools, workplaces, social networks. Though these fast-selling toys provide a pleasing sensory experience, they are quite dangerous and yet almost as quickly, this craze died out and sales fell away after dominating for several months. In the same way, there have been several different toy trends over recent years but undoubtedly, the majority of participants do not actually enjoy playing the same things for a long term.

On the other hand, leisure activities have been strongly linked to individual enthusiasm from the very start. Truth to be told, interests and hobbies tell a great deal about us more or less. One good example of this would be science. Children and adults who are passionate about science, especially when this interest sprouted from the early days, are definitely not following a fashionable pattern. They are in fact seriously concerned about scientific subjects, numbers and theories. Therefore, most of them choose not to waste their precious time running after transient fads but for researching and reading. Though it is applied to a minimal number of people compared to those preferring trendy crazes, still justifiable to me.

In conclusion, while some people are drawn to stylish hobbies which I believe is the reality of today's world, others choose their pastimes for more genuine reasons. To my point of view, it is all about personalities underlying their decisions on what activities they would take on.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,692 3498  
Apr 15, 2021   #2
Your first reasoning paragraph is over explained. It is too wordy and forced you to write over 300 words, which, if you think of the things you need to do within the 40 minute time limit, you may not be able to complete. You need to be more direct with your explanations. A 5 sentence explanation composed of:

- Topic sentence
- Supporting reason
- Example to illustrate your point
- Additional explanation (optional)
- Transition sentence

would be more than sufficient to drive your point home. You are not writing a research paper, just a personal opinion so keep it short to avoid forced errors in your writing such as under developed second topics, GRA problems, C&C issues between the 2 topics in a single paragraph.

Science is an incorrect example to use in the second paragraph because science is based on an interest in studies, learning, experimentation, and intellectual development. It is not a hobby or interest that can change from time to time. It is because you did not portray a hobby or leisure activity in the second paragraph that your essay failed to deliver a convincing explanation. It is not convincing in the sense that the topic you chose to discuss does not fall under the suggested prompt topic.

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