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Home work has disadvantages, but it's helpful for students

CamVan2411 1 / 1  
Jul 17, 2019   #1


In recent days, education more and more have many changed so some opinions do not agree setting of homework while there are some strong arguments against.I totally believe that it would be beneficial for student to work exercises at home

There are many reasons that explain is an unnecessary burden on kid. Firstly, setting of homework are not always vital to heighten educational outcomes.This has been proved as Finland, where school pupils are not given exercise at home, regularly top international educational league tables and outperform countries where assessment is the norm. The other reason, many parents are not willing to their childrent was suffered tireness to do further study when they leave school because the school day is already long enough, they to be needed unwind to recharge battery that will bring many benefit as study time from the perspective of brain develop

On the other hand, this opinion above ,I completed support the view that homework has an imperative role to play in the education of the childrent with encouraging learn and solve problem indepent that is the main advantage as student dissolve many challenge to work through tasks alone and at their own pace.With doing homework at home that student must be revisioned the knowledge that they have learnt within stay in class. A good example of this is by doing mathematics exercises at home which can support to childrent that this is teacher taught moreover they consolidate their more understanding. For me, setting of homework for childret to develop an independent study habit since this prepares them to work alone as adults

To sum up, homework certaintly has its disadvantages but I believe that student will be better than about their lessons in the class.

Patryk0206 1 / 2 2  
Jul 17, 2019   #2
This is unfortunately a bad essay. The first sentence for example; the reader doesn't understand what you are trying to tell him, there's way too many errors and misspellings. You have also problems with the differences of singular and plural nouns, i.e. "... give any exercises at home". It has to say exercises unless you rewrite the whole sentence. It's also children and not childrent. I don't understand plenty of your sentences, the reason being bad grammar, bad vocabulary and many more things. You have to work on your English before you write an essay again, I'm sorry!
Maria [Contributor] - / 1,047 372  
Jul 22, 2019   #3
Hello there. I apologize for the delay. But I'm here to provide you with concrete writing feedback on your essay.

Firstly, incorporate the usage of words that'll help you trim down the essay's bulkiness. What this pertains to is, for instance, mentioning increasing instead of more and more. Notice how they're synonymous words but the former appears more academic than the latter.

You also need to focus more on incorporating more formality in your language. For instance, try to maintain the usage of formal words all throughout, avoiding too much influx of colloquial terms. This will help you elevate your overall writing.

Trim down your sentences. Avoid run-on lines. Organize your thoughts through a bottom-up approach.

Best of luck as always.
OP CamVan2411 1 / 1  
Jul 24, 2019   #4
Thank you so much
rilakkukkuma 1 / 2  
Jul 24, 2019   #5
it seems that you have quite a number of vocabulary but just don't know how to connect them correctly. just go through a simple grammar book, your article would be in right structure easily.

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