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Is homeschooling preferable to traditional school education?

respina 1 / 3 1  
Mar 20, 2014   #1
Hello! I'm from Poland and I study English philology here. I really enjoy that but sometimes I've some problems with writing essays. In last semester we had to write essays connected with literature which is not an easy topic but now we have to write about different themes and I hope that it will go well in this semester. I will be really grateful, if somebody glance through this essay. This essay is for Monday's lecture :) Kisses.

Many years ago, parents did not think about teaching their children at home but nowadays, people can choose if they want their children to go to school or to learn at home. I think it is not the best choice to learn at home but I am aware of existence of many positive opinions connected with homeschooling.

First of all, homeschooling puts financial obligations on parent. If parents want their child to learn at home, they have to be rather wealthy because this type of achieving knowledge is more expensive than public schooling. An example of this is that some parents work a lot to ensure their children good education and schooling at home instead of send their children to state school and lead a quiet life.

Secondly, learning at home can make the students less developed in social life. When young people spend a lot of time at home and do not meet with peers, they become shy and not interested in social life. Moreover, they spend most of time with older people and they became very serious being very young.

Thirdly, children have to be under some adults care when they do not go to state school but they learn at home. In these situations, one of parents has to be present at home because the teacher is not a babysitter. Thus, some parent cannot have a full-time job because somebody has to take care of their children when they learn at home.

In contrast, there are some people who claim that homeschooling requires more discipline and children are better educated. In addition, the teacher focuses only on one child and does not have to devote attention to many other students who are not interested in lesson. For instance, the teacher has to warn students who are bored with lesson and thereby another students who like this lesson lose valuable time.

Taking these point into consideration, I would like to say that we should not change our customs and resolutions connected with education. Students should develop their skills in usual conditions and grow up among their peers because it will really teach them the reality of life.

fotuniverse 2 / 2  
Mar 20, 2014   #2
Hello Respina, here are my suggestions:
comma after "...children at home, but nowadays,"
instead of sending their children
and they beco me very serious (I'm not sure about this one though)
Taking these points

Thanks for your help on my essay
dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
Mar 20, 2014   #3
Many years ago, parents did not think about teaching their children at home but nowadays,

Actually, in previous centuries, homeschooling did happen and was the most famous. The rich people hired resident tutors and they taught their children. This happened in many parts of the world from the East to West. I guess schools became popular with the introduction of missionary schools. You better do a little bit of research on this point and change your hook accordingly :)
OP respina 1 / 3 1  
Mar 21, 2014   #4
Thank you a lot for adjustments!
Dumi - you're right, I didn't think about this! I always have problems with writing the introduction of an essay, so I have to think once again about that :)

Fotuniverse - you're also right, I made a lot of small mistakes which are really important considering the whole essay :)
OP respina 1 / 3 1  
Mar 21, 2014   #5
Ok, I'll try to write it in this way and it may be it will be good :D! It is really important for me to write essays quite well because at the end of the semester I have to write an important exam and I want to achieve good result :)

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