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"Honoring your parents" - my unexamined belief essay?

kawsneffect 8 / 37  
Oct 11, 2010   #1
i'm not sure if my topic "honoring your parents" is proper for my english assignment, An unexamined belief.

from my understanding,unexamined belief should be something unobserved like why human come to believe that it's righteous to wear clothes.

here's my essay
i dont know what to include in my last 2 body paragraph. should i relate a story from my past?

all answer would be greatly appreciated

Honoring your parents

Few people examine their belief about children's respect towards their parents. Why do people believe that children must honor their father and mother? According to the bible, it is stated that children were to "Honor their father and their mother in order that their days may prove to be long upon the ground" exodus 20:12. Although many people do not believe in the bible and the mythology behind it, the principle of this commandment can be beneficial to many.

People who hold this belief usually realize how tough it is for their mother to give birth, and their father to support the family. Through obeying parents, the child can learn the experience of the parents that can be utterly hard to explain. Honoring parents originated from mentors, the environment and the bible. To the people who hold this belief, they gain respect from their parents. This belief was transmitted from the American holidays, both mother and father's day. This has been our tradition for decades and will continue to pass on to our future generation.
icemaster2340 14 / 34  
Oct 11, 2010   #2
I think your topic is pretty good. I never thought about such a thing myself, as I come from a Chinese family where honoring your parents and your family is a MUST. I guess you really SHOULD have an example, either a historical, literary or a personal example would do.

Personally(yes pun intended.), I would go with a personal example since you can probably relate better to something that you actually experienced rather than something that you read in a book. Which usually yields a better example. But any example, as long as you provide one, would definitely strenghten your essay.

Best of Luck :)
OP kawsneffect 8 / 37  
Oct 11, 2010   #3
thank you for your input icemaster.
i feel as if my thesis is lacking
can anyone help revise my writing if possible.
thank you

also what should i include in my last paragraph?
anishab 1 / 3  
Oct 11, 2010   #4
I think you should qualify that challenging parents is an unexamined belief only in SOME cultures, instead of using the general phrase "people". It will give your paper more depth and show that you thought about the topic from a different, more unique perspective.
OP kawsneffect 8 / 37  
Oct 11, 2010   #5
so should i write it like this?

challenging parents is an unexamined belief only in SOME cultures. Why do some cultures believe that children must honor their father and mother?

thank you for your input
RyanVi16 12 / 91  
Oct 11, 2010   #6
I think Icemaster is right. This topic is pretty hard to say. Because of all the freedom that this country give to people, children can choose not to obey their parents. There are more than just "feeling" of guilt that your mom gave birth to you or your father had raised you.

Usually if you honor someone, it came out of love, not just simply obeying (you can do as someone say without loving them). How are you going to explain love? The reason this is unexamined belief because it ties to love and there are not that many explanation for it.

As Icemaster said, each culture can approach this matter differently. I am also Asian, so if I were to describe this, it would be discipline, son's/daughter's duty to honor their elders.

If you want to relate this to the Bible, if you are Christian, then you obey your parents because you obey the Lord. You do not do this out of fear or necessity. It's the Lord's desire. As I have said, to honor someone is to go beyond merely obedience because obedience is just a result of honor.

I don't know how to help you but that just how I feel about this topic. The best advice I can give you is ask yourself "Why do I love my parents, would I still honor them if my mom didn't give birth to me (fostering parents) or my father can no longer provide my needs (poor, jobless, etc)." I hope you luck.
OP kawsneffect 8 / 37  
Oct 11, 2010   #7
thank you. i might focus about Christianity since i'm a Christan

anyone else care to help
OP kawsneffect 8 / 37  
Oct 22, 2010   #8
my teacher said my essay is good but superficial
how can i shift from talking about myself to seeing whether that helps me analyze motives
like what should i write
examples, ideas would be helpful
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Oct 27, 2010   #9
how can i shift from talking about myself to seeing whether that helps me analyze motives
like what should i write

You can do it easily, William. I'll tell you the secret:
Instead of trying to think of something to write, just think about the topic.

Children owe their parents so much... their parents give up so much for the children... but also it is important for children to benefit from parents' wisdom... and this is complex, because parents are not always correct. Children should be obedient, right? But not always? And it is good to be a free thinker, but how can I be a free thinker and also obey my parents? I could talk with you about this for hours. What would you say if I stopped and asked you what should be the rule for children to follow in order for them to be respectful enough>

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