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3 Hours-how 3 hours a week changed my life

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Dec 10, 2011   #1
3 Hours

There is a lot that can happen in 3 hours: some of which can change the world and others are so mundane that if they happened, no one would care. Examples of those that can change the world are usually things that go boom! Something that you can do in three hours is watch a movie or three TV episodes. An example of those that are mundane is something like a fly being caught by a spider. Over the course of this last Semester, 3 hours a week has made a major impact on my life, me, and my future. When I walked up to Sarah Moore's ENGL 1301 C28 on August 26, 2011, I really didn't know how to write more than a half to three quarters of a page with double space. Now, I can write papers that still have meaning when they are a full page or even a page and a half.

Before that day, I did not know how to write on a whim and as a result, A&M never really got my full application in on time. As I've grown to know how to write essays this past Semester, I've started to look over my past essays and I've started to cretic them thoroughly. I recently Googled my name and found one of my essays from last year on essayforum.com. Currently, I can't believe that I was the person who wrote that horrible essay that just sounded like complaint after complaint. Not to mention the length was half a page and I thought it was great last year.

During this past semester, I have learned how to add details to an essay so that I could get it to a more proper length. Mainly, I've learned this by grading other peoples' essays on turnitin. With turitin, I was able to view how others wrote their own essays and used that to fix my own writing skills while I would help everyone with their grammar. By the end of the course, I could not find very many things wrong with a lot of my classmates' papers.

No matter what my career will be, I will always remember everything that I learned this past semester. As a Veterinarian, I will need to write down everything that happens so that I can have evidence for inevitable lawsuit that will come up (since all veterinarians and doctors have a suit filed against them at one point in their career). As someone in the movie business, I will need to be able to write down what needs to happen, when it needs to happen, and how it needs to happen in order for the movie/TV show to draw in the audience and capture them in the fantasy of that video. As a roller coaster designer, I will need to write down and describe the parts that I would need for the train to be safe and fun at the same time.

In Professor Moore's class, I was able to get all of my questions answered on writing and I plan on keeping the text book for future reference thanks to all of the help that it provided during this last semester.

From the past to now and to infinity and beyond, I know that 3 hours a week has changed my life for the better.

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