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Human activity has had a negative impact on our planet

trunghau 1 / -  
May 1, 2018   #1

human's destructive effect on eaRTH

In recent years, a multitude of individuals holds a belief that the adverse human effect on flora and fauna over the world cannot be changed. Nevertheless, opponents express that actions can be addressed this issue. Although I am more flavour in the latter opinion, this essay will discuss both views.

To begin with, it is thought that the harmful effects of anthropogenic activities on wildlife cannot be tackled. This, in their opinion, is because green issues are long-term problems that require a lot of time and money and sometimes the results are the reverse to our expectation. For example, to save endangered species, it is believed that applying captive breeding programmes like building zoos, national parks... may troubleshoot this issue. In the fact that, these solutions tend to deplete the ecosystem maintenance due to changing plants and animals' habitat.

I, nonetheless, believe that the bad impacts triggered by human activities on our planet can be changed if the vast majority of people implement environmental measures sternly. At the outset, upon banning law, raising awareness... people are able to assist in the effort to alleviate environmental problems step by step. For instance, by taking no longer dropping plastic bags in the ocean into consideration, people are likely to save many aquatic animals and maintain ecosystem on Earth. Planning trees, furthermore, help to decrease the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere as well as reduce the amount of Solar radiation. People, hence, are not at risk of skin cancer or breathing problems such as Asthma, Pneumonia...

In conclusion, on the whole, based on the above discussion, I agree that the destructive effect that human activities have on our planet can be changed
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May 2, 2018   #2
If you are writing for IELTS, please avoid sentences like "Although I am more favor ... his essay will discuss both views" as it is thesis statement but doesn't have any useful information. Also, please take care of spelling mistake - like Flavor should be Favor. ". Grammar should be "I am in favor of latter/later opinion" Hope it helps.

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