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Human Trafficking - An Underlying Issue in Today's Society

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Sep 8, 2015   #1
I have taken content from various sources but have put it all together in my own words.
Thank you so much for the guidance (in advance).

The word slavery, in today's world, is most commonly linked with the long passed, melancholy periods associated with the open capturing, exploiting and trading of human lives. The term brings to mind the vast colonial empires created by barbaric invaders in ventures of profiting from the livelihoods of the enslaved. Yet reality insists that this sinful system not only prevails today, but is also thriving at a much larger scale than it ever had before

Human trafficking is one of today's most offensive forms of human rights violations. It is an unjust system involving selling, abusing and sexually exploiting its victims. The traffickers specifically prey upon the most defenseless members of the societies: the uneducated, poverty burdened, unemployed and the disabled. Women and children, in particular, are smuggled across country borders to forcibly participate in shady trafficking. These victims are forced to toil in highly vulnerable and unhygienic environments. Many are even tricked into voluntary immigration when they are presented with 'job opportunities' as domestic servants or nannies abroad. The slaves are usually lured or abducted from their homes and are disposed off when they are seemingly incapable of functioning. As of now, 27 million people are estimated to live as slaves worldwide.

Human trafficking ,in the 21st century, is subtly carried out and is hence difficult to take action against. Many countries, (shamefully) including certain high-power nations, have no official government recognition for this problem despite the drastically increasing number of victims. However, various organizations such as GRETA and the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings are trying to combat this eminent problem by improving migration policies to reduce the number of victims smuggled into the country. The utilization of screening and reception mechanisms for identification of the victims and their traffickers are also being considered. Along with this, awareness programs and campaigns are also held to prevent such occurrings.

The condemnable industry of Human Trafficking has shattered the lives and dreams of millions. For its complete eradication, action against this problem can no longer be restricted to few individuals and organizations. Everyone needs to contribute, even if it is the smallest of steps.

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Sep 9, 2015   #2
Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery involving the illegal trade of people for exploitation or commercial gain.

You will divide your passage in to introduction,body,and conclusion.

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