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TOEFL IBT: Why people want to move to big cities to settle down?

luonghao 1 / 1  
Apr 10, 2013   #1
Immigration to urban areas has attracted much social concern. Sociologists are trying to find out diffirent reasons. My writing will critically present major causes.
In the first place, what I put on my priority is job opportunities. Moving to big cities, immigrants have more chances to get a job. Big cities with dynamic economy and huge population always creat a lot requirement. It mean that big cities have a wide range job, from simple job such as waiter, washing, selling ticket to positions which needs higher qualifications such as doctor, architech, engineer, teacher. As a result, immigrants can get a suitable job easily. More importantly, moving to big cities, immigrants have many conditions to success. In big cities, immigrants must face with many challenges, working environment is competitive. By resolving challenges in competive environtment, they can improve their skills which is necessary to get success in their career. Indeed, big cities has attraction for people from rural areas.

Second of all, living conditions holds noless importance. It can not denied that moving to big cities, immigrants are likely to approach advanced education. Large cities have many famous schools which has modern equipments and high training quality. Studying at these schools, students are supplied sufficiently knowledge and necessary skills for their major. After graduation, they have more chances to get a good job and succeed in career. More notably, moving to big cities, immigrants have better health care. With a large number of hospital and medical center, people can be quikly taken care in case of emergency. They can choose appropriate places to treatment. Hospitals with modern facilities and excellent doctors can find exactly diseases and treat quickly. By and large, people migrate to the big cities with the desire to have the good living conditions.

Last but not least, personal enjoyment is another essential factor contributing to immigration to big cities. It is well note that living in big cities, people have comfortable life. In big cities, the ways is wide and reach to every where. Public transportation system is advanced, you can go to exciting places such as museum, concert, cinema. Commercial development with a lot shops, restaurant, so you can purchase and exchange items in convenience. More interestingly, living in big cities, immigrants have opportunity to expand relationship. In city, immigrants work in active environment, contact with many kind of people in others majors. As a result, immigrants have opportunities to make friends and share experience life. Through which we will have exciting life and large relationship. With no doubt, big cities bring to immigrants a exciting life.

In short, job opportunities, living conditions, personal enjoyment are the main reasons for immigration to big cities. I highly recommend that sociologists should to take care my writing into careful consideration to make a appropriate guideline on immigration to big cities.

testessay 2 / 1  
Apr 11, 2013   #2
During the last few years, rural to urban migration has been immense and it has attracted much social concern. Several sociologists have been trying to study the pattern of this change. In the sequel I discuss some of the main reasons for this migration.

First, rural-urban migration increases with the increase of job opportunities in the cities. When the economy of the city grows it promotes more jobs and attracts lot of people. On the other hand, in rural areas people have few options for work that limited the scope of improving the quality of their life. So in this situation, big cities provide a range of advantages over the rural areas. They can work as waiter in a restaurant or hotel, work as engineer in a company, invest money in stock market and banks, start a business, open a grocery shop and sell books. They can make money by thousands of ways in cities.

Second, in rural areas the number of schools and colleges are less compared to urban schools and colleges. Most of the rural towns have no university for advance studies. Hundreds of families may want to educate their children in urban institutes even if this adds a burden to their budget; they are willing to sacrifice for the sake of their children's career.

Third, in most of the rural areas there is no hospital for taking care of sick people with the exception of some dispensaries available at nearby town. In comparison, the urban city contains many specialized hospitals to cure different types of diseases from flu to life-threatening diseases like cancer.

Fourth, most of the rural areas do not have any law courts to punish the culprits. In case of any crime,either elders or dedicate persons of the town judge and decide the fate of the victim. Whereas, in cities they have courts with judges and police for controlling the law and order situation.

Last but not least, big cites provide range of transportation services for its people.

In brief, economy growth, job opportunities, law and health related facilities promotes rural-urban migration.
dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
Apr 12, 2013   #3
. My writing will critically present major causes.

I intend to analyse this trend and present the major causes for this phenomenon.

In the first place, what I put on my priority is job opportunities.

... well... I don't say this is wrong.... Only it sounds a bit abrupt and wish it is a bit more detailed. This is my suggestion;

In the first place, I find that availability of job opportunities as the primary reason for people migrating to urban cities.


no less
Very good essay and you have excellent writing skills. You really don't have to worry about this task if you are good with managing time. I think you should concentrate more on integrated writing now :)

Good luck!
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Mar 25, 2014   #4
Thank you very much!

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