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What is your idea about children's studying at boarding school?

Orkhan_O 1 / -  
Apr 25, 2013   #1
What is your attitude children's studying at boarding school?(far away from home or abroad)
Admittedly,there are hordes of choices for studying in last centuries.Boarding school is a relevant example in this pattern.Some people give preference the boarding school in order to better education and other reasons.To begin with from my point of view it has a positive and negative aspects of studying far from family.First of all children become independent and they learn how to stand on foot without parents.On the other hand they will be able to cope with difficulties by themselves.Meanwhile boarding school imbibes a sense of discipline in children.In addition,good habits is useful for children which are taught by teachers such as sleeping on time,waking up early and exercising.Moreover, at boarding school they don't have "protective shield" over them.Therefore they become bold and fearless,ready to face undesirable situation alone.

The negative aspects of it is they aren't monitored by their parents and it alleviates influence of them,thus children may easily get indulged in harmful addicttion like smoking,drinking and etc.In other words memberships of boarding school tend to misuse the freedom which they don't acquire much while living with parents.

Almost studying abroad has some specific features as well.For instance,foreign institution may offer better courses.Another point is that qualification can open the door to better job opportunities.It was true to say that living abroad can broaden students' horizons.Besides,the main superiority is that they learn a foreign language.Simultaneously we have to emphasise the drawbacks of studying abroad.Firstly as a matter of the fact that living and studying abroad can be difficult .Secondly students face problems with paperwork such as visa application.However it might be easy studying abroad,living alone in an unfamiliar culture cause homesickness.

In conclusion,summarizing all these detailed ideas,despite some disadvantages ,i take for granted studying abroad or at boarding school make children self-confident.

dumi 1 / 6,927 1592  
Apr 26, 2013   #2
Boarding school is a relevant example in this pattern

.... Before coming to this point, it's better if you introduced the other options as well, since you say there are many options available. Just mention what they are and then come to this point. Reader would then be more convinced.

Some people give preferenceto the boarding school in order to better education and other reasons.

.... better present this as a comparison;
Some people give preference to the boarding school because they believe this option allows a student to gain experiences that is not possible to achieve while studying in his or her home station.

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