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Jul 10, 2019   #1

role of museums in today's world

Some people think museums should be enjoyable places to attract and entertain young people. Others think the purpose of museums is to educate, not to entertain. Discuss both two views and give your own opinion

In modern world, there has been much discussion revolving around the issue of whether the local authorities had better refine the initially educational function of the museums by means of additionally recreational purpose. From my perspective, I think a combination of both preferences will absolutely facilitate the youngsters' enlightenment.

To begin with, museums with tremendous collection of variously historical pieces of arts, culture, science and geology as well preserved and exhibited to general public has played such an importantly everlasting role of reminiscence in historic events to disseminate human civilization and experience towards today generations. Visiting the museums, the young can not only gain educational acknowledgement with historical records but also encourage their patriotism and respect for the liberty and sovereignty the previous generation protected by scrutinizing a wide range of relics and several devastated exhibits in wartime considered as the witness of history.

This may be true to some extent because museums should concentrate on representing their educational aims. However, in regard to the regretful lack of sufficient visits museums are believed to organize additionally entertaining sightseeing so as to either arouse teenagers' attention and curiosity or depict the ancient time authentically and interestingly rather than displaying antiquities boringly.

In conclusion, I believe that a blend of educational and entertaining purpose will improve the indispensable role of museums in current society.

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Jul 10, 2019   #2

I'll provide you with writing feedback.

Firstly, be cautious of the formatting of your words. Try to focus on enhancing the overall structure of your writing by using appropriate tenses, punctuation and preposition in your writing. Remember that these fundamentals are essential as building blocks of your writing to add more definition.

Try to also not exaggerate your descriptions. Remember that this would appear more as a filler than adding depth to your writing. Focus on incorporating more terms that have substance as opposed to merely writing out. For instance, your paragraph on museums for preservation can be improved by omitting the general descriptions in the first parts to pave way for discussions in the latter parts.

Keep these in mind when you write.

Best of luck.

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