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"TV is a such idiot box."; INFLUENCE of TV and MOVIES on people's behavior

alina967 11 / 29  
Oct 22, 2009   #1
In 20th centaury TV and movies are big part of our life. Movies and TV are the best source of entertainment for people. Many bad effects are on people's behavior by TV and movies. From movies and TV shows people learn bad things, children try to copy to act, they have weakness of eye, they become more fat. Information about world, country, states, weather, traffic are getting from TV. Some movies are on the great person's life, it learns good manners in our life.

One state is that "TV is a such idiot box.", I believe that it would be true, if some one is watching it all time. From children to older age all like to watch TV. Normally, TV is in bad room, kitchen, living room, restaurants, offices, shops. There are many shows on TV like, NEWS show, cooking show, sports show, cartoon show, drama serials, and movies. Children like to watch superman, batman, Spiderman type of cartoon, and they try to act like them. Some children want to jump from high building, they also want to run like them. They try to do that, and injured or in some cases they loose their lives. This is a really bad thing for us, this all happened because of a TV show.

Some people also learn crimes from the movies, they first watch movie and do as they saw in the movie. Bad movies inspire them to do bad things, they try to robbery in a bank, but forgot that this is a real life. They caught by polices, stay in prison for long time. Another bad effects are happened to our health. By watching all time TV, people sat on a one place, they didn't go or move from TV. As this way their body become fat, day by day. They gained a lot of weight on their body. Some children's eyesight became weak or they have glasses from 2 years age. The noticeable point is that a person's nature become more addicted, more angry. They want to live alone, they feel like movie or TV character.

However, are also some benefits of TV and movies, such as people get weather forecast, see a far countries, a sport match from close. Some movies are on great person's life, they change our life style and mind in positive way. People inspire to do good as they can for themselves and another. They have to choose the positive sides of TV shows and movies, so they could better in their life.

In conclusion, the weigh of disadvantages are more than benefits. There are several good things like getting knowledge, but bad habits, bad behavior, crimes are also come from TV and movies. In addition, TV shows and movies are waste of time and energy of people. They should manage their watching activities by time.

vothiha 11 / 29  
Oct 22, 2009   #2
I think your essay have idea and your tone is strong. Perhaps, you should divide it into clear paragraphs , so people can see and follow your thought easily.

Pesonally, I agree with you that we need to strict watching TV by ourself.
Some point about grammer I think you should revise:
- rob bank
- change our lifestyle and mind in a positive way
OP alina967 11 / 29  
Oct 23, 2009   #3
thank you
I apprecied that you proofread my essay I will correct those mistakes.
mcdy143 5 / 17  
Oct 24, 2009   #4
Two things I noticed:

1. Avoid stating the obvious like "There are many shows on TV like, NEWS show, cooking show, sports show, cartoon show, drama serials, and movies." These are things all people know so you should focus more on what you have that is your own. And focus on the main idea too.

2. fairly bad grammar. Work on that more. Maybe get native speakers to help you on that.
OP alina967 11 / 29  
Oct 24, 2009   #5
Can you give some Ideas how I make native speaker a friend, I am bad at speaking also.
mcdy143 5 / 17  
Oct 25, 2009   #6
Perhaps you should log on to some American forums and find someone to make friends. Well that takes awhile. don't be distressed, just keep on working will be fine.
fuhuanluck 5 / 11  
Oct 26, 2009   #7
i am not sure what kind of test will you take. and the logic and the fluent are not enough.
try more . hope you can do better.
read more native magazines will help you a lot
OP alina967 11 / 29  
Oct 27, 2009   #8
thanks both of you.I will try to make friends.
vothiha 11 / 29  
Oct 27, 2009   #9
you can use the good dictionary to check grammar errors by yourseft and the option of Word Window by accessing Tool/Spellings and grammar checking. Good luck !

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