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IELS - A cheap air travel? advantage/ disadvantage; overweight - safety considerations

Mar 23, 2014   #1
In the midst of increasing fierce competition in airline industries, many air companies provide a cheap air travel in order to attract more clients. many individuals who live in relatively needy families think it a good opportunity for them to go around . While for other individuals,the cheap air travelling leaves a deep impression of inferior service and may bring some safety considerations . as far as I am concerned ,the benefits it brings overweight its demerits .

for many youngsters who earn less salary ,it is their dream to visit other places and by aeroplane. But they could not afford the luxury trip. fortunately ,a cheap travel can provide them a chance to get in touch with a different civilization of somewhere else . on the other hand ,it may also bring countless benefits and profits for the air companies who promote the project, especially for those who are suffering from economic cricis.

on the other hand ,the burgeon of cheap travel followed by some problems. According to my own experiences ,the cheap air travel is always short distances and the service items provided is narrow. In addition ,the issues people concern first is the safety. even the air company has promised a safe and enjoyable trip , the consumers would worry about it more or less .

to sum up ,the modern technology has made travelling by air safe and comfortable. and the services can be modified to meet the demand of clients. An exciting experience is beckoning, why not book a ticket and have some fun at once?
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Mar 23, 2014   #2
Thank for topic from Bingbingliang. Hope that everyone also help me to improve my essay on this topic.

You should open a new thread to post your essay rather than posting in an available post!

air companies provide a cheap air travel

airline companies offer cheap flight prices to customers

it is a good opportunity

the benefits it brings derived from cheap air travel

less salary

a low salary

the cheap air travel is always applied to short distances
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Mar 23, 2014   #3
Please always be reminded by this:
To begin a new sentence,always capitalize the first letter after a period.
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Mar 24, 2014   #4
This is what I have from your intro:
A cheap air travel is becoming more popular than ever before. For some people, the cheap price experiences short-term safeties. For some others, this raises an opportunity to travel an to get more experience. Both these views have their own merits and demerits. However, I believe on a cheap air travel would have the best quality in contrast to having the worse quality.

Body 1:
To support the main idea, you should give one example. This can be taken from your personal experience.

Body 2:

According to my own experiences

This is used when saying what people, organizations, and reports, not your words.
When giving your opinion about something, use this: I think that/ in my opinion...

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