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IELTS_importance of academic qualifications and personality in employment

chfrank 1 / -  
Oct 7, 2012   #1
Q: Some employers think that academic qualifications are more important than life experience and personal qualities when they look for an employee. To what extent do you agree or disagree??

Nowadays, in recruitment industry, it is highly debated that: which factor is more valuable for employer, professional qualifications or other soft skills?

Undoubtedly, academic qualification is very essential for employment. The specific education qualification is usually initially listed on the job criteria on the most of the recruitment advertisements. The reason is that this factor proves the employee's basic qualification and education background. Moreover, the academic transcript reflects the candidates' studying attitude and the willingness of learning. On employer's perspective, the employee with outstanding academic achievement tend to perform on workplace as great as in university. Particularly, for certain professional positions such as lawyer, dentist, accountant and programmer, relevant academic background and achievements should be a necessary condition.

On workplace, however, there are much more factors to evaluate a qualified employee such as networking and communication skills, personality and personal experience. All these skills and features can only be examined effectively in a face-to-face occasion. Therefore, after browsing the resume which mainly focused on candidates' technical and academic skills, the employer will invite them into interview which will examine candidates' soft skills and personalities. After this phase, the successful candidates will be determined who must have positive attitude, suitable personality and relevant experience.

More specifically, for most basic positions which closely relate to our daily life, it is unnecessary to highly require academic qualifications. For example, looking for a cashier in supermarket, the manager would try to hire an employee with a thoughtful and patient heart and a nice smile. Similarly, when applying a position of salesperson in a fashion store, the sense of fashion and communication ability should be highlighted rather than a marketing degree.

To conclude, academic qualification is an essential requirement and necessary condition for professional positions. Although a applicant have outstanding academic background, it is far away from a successful applicant without relevant experience and positive personality. Furthermore, majority of ordinary position pay more attention to the personal quality rather than education results.
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Oct 7, 2012   #2
After reading your passage,in addition to some of the influent sentences,I feel you'd better think about how to make the organization,in other words the theme of different paragraphs more closely related, the diversities of language using is also remain to be improved.

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