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IELTS_TASK 2: advantage and disadvantage of shopping online.

TUYET PHAM 1 / -  
Mar 23, 2019   #1
Buying things on the Internet, such as books, air tickets and groceries, is becoming more and more popular.
Do the advantages of shopping in this way outweigh the disadvantages?

The Pros and Cons of internet Shopping

The remarkable development of e-commerce affects significantly to the custom of citizens for shopping. According to the beneficial of digital 4.0 leads to the shipping online become more out-standing nowadays. As applying the e-commerce for purchasing, in some case, there are some drawback happened. However, I believed that the advantages of shopping online more outweigh its disadvantages

First of all, there are no doubt to make the high appreciation for shopping online as it's more convenient and saving a lot of time for customer. People just make a simple click for buying a T-shirt or a new arrival of your favorite shoe's brand name in the Internet and wait for couple days to received your products. Additionally, applying the e-commercial management on business, there are many expenses for building up the real store or the cost for renting staff also cut off and the price of products can reduce to make competitive with others competitors in the market. Take one of the largest e commerce business in Viet Nam is Lazada as an example. in all special days of year, the promotion of discount 30% or over 50% of products is always attracted of customers.

Taking about some disadvantages of buying on the Internet are often related to the quality of products and the payment without delivery goods. Some of feedback from customers as purchasing online that the color or the quality do not same as the advertisement. People just blame the shopper that why they sell products with non-quality. Meanwhile, customer have to learn how to buy good products from the trustworthy online stores. Customer should read the comment of previous buyers or appreciate base on star-level of those stores. Then, for the payment method, with the store in the first buying, we can choose for payment by cash after checking shipment instead of payment by card.

To conclude, the advantages of shopping online much more than those disadvantages. In case of people can become an intelligent buyer, the drawback of shopping online will be disappearing in the near future.

coke 14 / 29 13  
Mar 23, 2019   #2
1. Word count is 341 which is way too many to jot down in 40 minutes. There's no restriction on how much you want to write, however, one should not exceed 300 words.

2. Grammatical errors can be spotted frequently throughout your essay. For example, 'there are no doubt to make the high appreciation for shopping online'
This is also a result of excessive word count. You can control your grammar better within 300 words.

3. There is no such term like 'digital 4.0'. Use online technology instead.

4. Both body paragraphs contain a lot of underdeveloped ideas but you didn't give the reason why the advantages weigh heavier than the disadvantages.

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