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IETLS 2: Some people think that advertising aimed at children should be banned. Agree or disagree?

LinhTinh 1 / -  
May 3, 2016   #1
It is sometimes argued that advertisements focus on children should be prohibited. While I agree with the idea of banning such ads , I do believe that it could be benefit for children as well.

On the one hand, advertisers often aim their marketing at children ages in order to make maximum their company profit. This is because children can be easily be influenced by some eye-catching advertisements. These kinds of thing are made raised by a group of marketing and advertising experts; they do many investigations on children so as to generate an attractive advertisement to children. This lead to children will put pressure on parents to buy them things. If they do not supply their offspring request, those children can be upset. For example, my son nephew, after he watches an advertising of toy car, he suddenly requires his father to buy this car for him, in fact he has many kinds of this.

On the other hand, I believe that advertisements aim to children can also bring some benefits. Firstly, thorough observing offspring watch advertisements, parents can understand their children lifestyles and hobbies. This could be an advantage when parents want to navigate the future jobs for their progeny. Secondly, it is a chance for parents educate their children. This will help them to understand multi brands and products are available which are appropriate and healthy. For example, parents can explain to their children about the KFC fast food contain much of cholesterols, which could make obesity disease for them.

In conclusion, while advertisements can bring negative impacts on children, I do not believe that advertisements do not contain any benefits.
amour /  
May 4, 2016   #2
hi Lin, just be aware that for IELTS Task 2, the words should be at least 250. I guess you forget to put the question here, for the next you should write it then, so the reader can examine your essay properly :)

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