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IETLS 2-Why young people tend to spend less free fime with family?

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Jun 5, 2012   #1
Young people spend less of their free time with their family nowadays. What are the reasons for this? Are there more negative or positive sides to it?

In the modern life, youngsters tend to spend less their spare time with family members. There are three reasons for this trend, and I believe there are more negative effects of this trend.

The primary reason is that the development of the entertainment industry brings young people plenty of attractions and temptations outside home. Places such as night clubs, cinemas, karaoke centers and sport facilities all provide youngsters a wide variety of options of entertainment. To compare with the relatively monotonous moment of staying with family, more youngsters prefer to hang out with friends.The second reason is that the proliferation of the Internet and computers lead young people spend less free time with family even if when they stay at home. It is common to see some youngsters are addicted to some internet games or vedio games. Even though they stay at home to spend their spare time, most of time they sit in front of the computer and enjoy the virtual life in the games.

This trend would bring two evident negative effects. Firstly, the generation gap between young people and their parents might be widened as there is no time for effective communication. This may further lead conflicts and misunderstandings between them. Secondly, youngsters may lower a sense of responsibility to their existing family and even their future family. Because youngsters who have been accustomed to play outside would be careless about family events and not interested in participating in family decisions.

To sum up, both development of entertainment industry and computerization lead young people spending less free time with family. This trend should be paid attention by both young people and their family and its related solutions should be explored in order to curb its negative effects.

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