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Immediate problems and anticipated problems which is more important to solve?

liuys65 1 / 8  
Jun 22, 2011   #1
TITTLE:Governments should focus on solving the immediate problems of today rather than on trying to solve the anticipated problems of the future.
Should governments focused on solving the immediate problems of today instead trying to solve the anticipated problems of the future? I fundamentally agree with the speaker's assertion that immediate problems obviously have a priority in series of problem in which governments face sooner or later, especially the issue of basic survival of populace and unemployment, the most important, public facility and health care. Nevertheless, I think that trying to solve the anticipated problems of the future is also the responsibility for an official government, consider, for instance, environmental protection and quality of life can illustrates my caveat.

When it comes to basic survival of populace and unemployment, any governments definitely can't ignore the two basic problems which are produced by contemporary society that every government would confront in steps regime established. However, the two problems closely related to society's stability and consistency, not only in the level of individual but also as a whole unity-we act different characters in society. In other words, governments urges to find a balance in which people's concentration for their basic need and survival, although the hunger and unemployment would never be eliminated until a pure socialist state where government provides for all of its citizen's needs-a vision which amounts to fantasy.

Considers about Africa country Ugenda-the poorest country in the world which badly lack of public facility and health care, even worse, faced with famine and that thousands of people becomes refugee in continuously civil war. With this extreme illustration, we surely believe that public health and facility represent the immediate problem that Ugenda's government anxiously to solve rather than any other problem listed in long-term.

On the other hand are two compelling arguments that future problem is waiting for solution whether public's attitude is positive or not. Environmental protection demands a long-term preservation which may be progressively protested to public's observation. It is at the high time appealing by ecologist to take action to underscore the important conception with environmental protection. Otherwise, the earth we depend on will destroyed one day in the hand of human itself.

A second argument with the assertion has to do with energy problem. With the increasing use of energy resources, at the same time, the decreasing amount of fuel is deserved to resolve immediately which calls for energy exhaustation with the highly attention of the publics. We should find a second resource to replace the gasoline when the end of the period of petroleum, otherwise, human will never be developed furthermore until the generation of new form of energy founded at once.

In sum, immediate problems and future problems are not mutually exclusive, in general which governments should try to make a balance in dealing with two sides of problems that serves better life for citizen's call for a support.

ajit88rai 22 / 188 3  
Jun 25, 2011   #2
Well my dear friend, I have also prepared for GRE n got good marks, but I have never tried making complex sentences...the more complex ur sentence is, the more chance of u making a mistake arises... so i would tell u to make average length sentences. I dont know aboout your teacher, but my teachers have always told me that the beauty of english is not in the formation of complex sentences but in the way u awaken the reader's emotions. Make him think vividly, but long sentences will make him/her to read it again n again to interpret the whole meaning , which i would say will surely frustrate the teacher who is checking ur answers. Rest , read sample gre essays through google n i m sure u will find really good essays . GRE vocabulary is tough, so make use of the vocabulary they look for.one or two long sentences wont effect u much, but if the whole essay is complex, then i dont know what the examiner would think.

good luck
OP liuys65 1 / 8  
Jun 25, 2011   #3
it is a new experience for me ...and i am curious about which university admitted ur qualification and i am preparing to US to get a master degree in 2013. i want u to share ur application experience ....thanks
ajit88rai 22 / 188 3  
Jun 25, 2011   #4
well my dear friend, I am applying not to USA but to Germany. As i feel that Germany is the hub of mechanical engineering and that why i wanna go there for masters. I havent yet applied for any university as I am about to start my final year of engineering next month. so maybe I am going to apply in oct-nov this year,, currently I am trying to learn German to pass the proficiency test.

GOOD LUCK with ur applications.
OP liuys65 1 / 8  
Jun 25, 2011   #5
Germany is good choice that i have a friend intends to Germany to get a higher education as engineering in Germany is well known all over the world.that is to say,GRE u tested is not fit for GERMANY application, u just take it for challenge as i considered it.

best wishes for u.
ajit88rai 22 / 188 3  
Jun 25, 2011   #6
No my friend- GRE is required to apply in Germany- plus when i started my engineering- i had too much confusion about whether to choose USA,UK,GERMANY,CANADA??? after knowing all the factors- i hav placed germany as my first choice and then UK- i have some friends too in these countries so it shouldnt be much of a problem to know the ground realities .
OP liuys65 1 / 8  
Jun 25, 2011   #7
my friend ,and how do u think chemical engineering all around the world as my major is . considered about development and job career.i have same feeling with u when considered about the nation synthetically.
ajit88rai 22 / 188 3  
Jun 25, 2011   #8
Go n see Topuniversities.com
they will show u the QS ranking of various universities according to the choice of ur subject-there are many standard organisation which ranks univ all around the globe-QS is one of them.
ajit88rai 22 / 188 3  
Jun 25, 2011   #9
If u are preparing for USA n GRE- i would suggest u a damn cool blogging website happy school.

it has all the info -right frm the time when u start thinking about usa till the time u find a job- it has it all- tonnes of tips n preparation notes and what not??? its like a micro-google on US based study plans... i hope it will help u- i love that website.
OP liuys65 1 / 8  
Jun 25, 2011   #10
i have check the website u suggested . i have many more to learn and experience from the sites. thank u for recommendation..
ajit88rai 22 / 188 3  
Jun 26, 2011   #11
No problem my friend- i feel glad when i can help my friends over here- v all need each other's help.
OP liuys65 1 / 8  
Jun 26, 2011   #12
how long have u prepared for GRE test as u followed? i have heard that IIT is famous for student's reputation. Is that true?
ajit88rai 22 / 188 3  
Jun 26, 2011   #13
hi, I didnt prepare GRE following any schedule...I had started solving n learning the english part of GRE ever since i started my engineering three years back...on n off,, but i remembered most of the words..n then i prepared whole-heartedly for 2 months n i got more than 1300 in GRE so i was pretty happy with it.. btw IIT is ofcourse the pinnacle of studies in India. the entrance exam of IIT is damn tooo tough n then the curriculum is also... all the indian IITs are among the top 100 technical institutes in the world and I have never heard of any IIT graduate searching for a job in India. Infact foreign companies hire them at their will...
OP liuys65 1 / 8  
Jun 26, 2011   #14
it is really amazing about IIT. i can't imagine how fierce competition among the top of Indian students to admitted by IIT. and i have heard a passage that IIT is the cradle of millionaire. that is to say the students in IIT is very good at academic working and known for all famous companies.
ajit88rai 22 / 188 3  
Jun 26, 2011   #15
well buddy, IIM is the top business mgmnt school in India,n most of their students are IITians... plus dont even ask how competition is in india.... more than 1,000,000 students apply for IIT each year, n only the top 4-5 thousand r selected...competition is cut-throat... kids do suicide when they dont get desired marks...its a matter of life n death for many students in India to have a good career... everyday some student does suicide coz of study pressure n career expectations... its a sad fact, yet very true... but yes not just IITs , there r many institutes which r stepping stones for u to become a millionaire here... just get the tag, n u r bound to have success..
OP liuys65 1 / 8  
Jun 26, 2011   #16
this is the fact of life..the one want a bright future that they endure more burdens than populace. and in nowadays much more students also suicide in china because of the education pressure and parents expectation,which includes MS n PHD.
ajit88rai 22 / 188 3  
Jun 26, 2011   #17
yep my friend. anyways i wish u the best of luck for ur GRE exams n i hope u really excel in it... its not tough, just needs some regular practice... :D
OP liuys65 1 / 8  
Jun 26, 2011   #18
i wish i can have a good grades with GRE (: thank u very much...my friend

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