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IELTS TASK 1 - Immigration figures for the UK

Tran Tong 5 / 8  
Oct 2, 2012   #1
The two tables illustrates the number of people coming into the UK during the period from 1984 to 2000. The first statictis table is the forecast, while the second one is the actual number of immigrants towards the UK. The over trend that can be infered from the two table is upward, however, there are small decreases during periods of 1986-1987, 1992 -1993, and 1996-1997, and then the trend continued going up.

The predictation seems not accurate for almost of statisticed period. For examples, in 1986 and 1987, they predicted a gradually increase in number of inmigrants, but the number dropped during this two years to 43 thousands, down from 60 thousands the year before. Moreover, the difference between the estimated figure and the performed is considerable with the largest amount is 20 thousands for the year of 1984 and 1985. However, they have successful year in 1989 when the estimated number and the acual number were equal as there were 80 thousands people crossing the UK's border to immigrant.

To sum up, in short periods, the inaccuracy may occur, but for the long run the forecase tends to reflect the real trend of immigration into the UK from1984 and 2000.

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goldmanswalking 3 / 3  
Oct 2, 2012   #2
I do think you need to write more carefully, because those minor errors you made in tense and spelling won't help you to achieve a bond 7+ during the exam.

Overall the expressions are quite good and lexical resources are rich enough.
OP Tran Tong 5 / 8  
Oct 2, 2012   #3
Thank you so much. Those are basic errors. Unacceptable. Normally, I cannot see all of my errors, even I've checked it very carefully.

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