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Immigration has a major impact on the society. Main reasons of immigration and its consequences.

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Jun 2, 2017   #1
Immigration has a major impact on the society.
What are the main reasons of immigration? To what consequences can it lead?
Write at least 250 words.

People are migrating across the world

From the development of civilization, human beings --the supreme sociable creatures on the Earth-- are the most migratory species on the Earth. The causes and the effects of such migration is going to be discussed in the following paragraphs.

By nature, human beings don't want to remain in a single place. They want to explore for different novel kinds of things and in the process they move from one place to another. In addition, many people from the underdeveloped countries try to migrate to other developed nations because of abundance of facilities like job, education, peace and security. For instance, many people from Bhutan have been immigrated to USA as refugee and many Afghani are immigrated to neighbourhood countries because they are insecure in their own country. Similarly, the other factors like employment factors, health, transportation, electricity, communication, climatic conditions and so on are other factors that urge people to move from one country to another.

The immigration has both the positive and negative impact in the country where immigrants are going to be settled. However, there are always adverse effects in that country where the immigrants leave out. We can see the trend that mostly the adults have tendency to immigrate and this results in the decrement of the manpower in the country where they leave. This causes a huge scarcity of manpower in the society and country as a whole, if greater number of people flow out. On one hand, the immigrants can be a effective manpower to those countries where people thought to migrate. But on the other hand, immigrants can destroy the harmony of that society by bringing different kinds of riots like it may be cultural, linguistic, colour discrimination and so on.

To sum, immigration sometimes can be harmful to the country where immigrants are settling and always disastrous to the country where they leave.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,051 2730  
Jun 2, 2017   #2
Utsi, the way that you introduced the topic is exaggerated. You must only present a discussion that relates to the immediate past history of man, as it applies to the discussion. Bringing the discussion all the way back to the development of civilization was unwarranted. The discussion that you presented did not start from the first sighting of the Homo Erectus species of man so there was no need to go that far back. Simply indicating that man is nomadic in nature, without specifying a time frame would have been more beneficial to your opening statement. By the way, your opening statement is incomplete as it does not paraphrase the portion about the major impact of immigration upon society. The paraphrased introduction can definitely use more work. Make sure that all aspects of the prompt are properly represented in your introductory paragraph because this will be the basis of your upcoming discussion paragraphs.

We already know that the essay will be about the immigrant nature of man. There is no need to repeat that in the second paragraph. Avoid redundancies because the reviewer will count those are word fillers and it will not help increase your final score. Most importantly, discuss only one reason at a time in order to give yourself the opportunity to fully develop your discussion. There is no sense in presenting numerous reasons, as you do in this essay, when you cannot properly develop the defense for your lines of reasoning due to the paragraph and word requirement.

When you are asked to discuss "consequences", that automatically falls under the "negative" discussion. So saying that something has positive and negative effects is silly. It shows a lack of English vocabulary understanding on your part and will affect your lexical score. Simply use the same term as the prompt when indicating the start of the discussion. In this case the key term is "consequences". Mentioning one or two negatives that are related would be the perfect way to discuss this part.

Finally, your conclusion is lacking in impact and usefulness. It does not properly sum up the topic for discussion, provide a discussion overview, and a repetition of your consequences prior to the closing sentence. A proper conclusion wraps up in 5 sentences. Not a single sentence.

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