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The impact of population growth on economic development

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May 28, 2023   #1

the consequences of the rapid population growth

Due to its detrimental impacts on the process of the economy's expansion, the population growth of recent decades has caused a tremendous tsunami to sweep across many countries. The excess of labor and overexploitation appear to be two ways in which the negative effects of the population growth are manifested.

To begin with, the abrupt increase in the country's population results in layoffs of employees. It is widely acknowledged that employee quality, not quantity, determines a company's success. As a result, each recruiting has a set restriction. Because disqualified candidates tend to turn in inadequate work with themselves, it may be challenging to achieve the highest performance and dedication, which are essential for the efficient and productive outcome. This situation becomes even further terrible when unemployment rate is going up annually in some countries. The percentage of jobless people in Britain is approximately 29,12%, substantially more than it was in the last CNN report. This troubling data is predicted to get worse over the next years.

In addition, the growing population forces entrepreneurs to look for ways to extract more from the environment to satisfy consumer's demand. If this process lasts long, natural resources will be used up, with an eventual economic collapse as the result. According to The New York Times, about 1,200 hectares of forests has destroyed since the beginning of 2022 for the manufacture field. It is alarming statistics that raises business's consideration about "green industry" for the long-term development.

In conclusion, it is clear about the bad sides that comes along with the rapid increase in population. The proper understanding about the origins and consequences of this status is needed not only for employers and economists but also governments. Timely and appropriate strategies to deal with direct results and relevant problems will be the key for a sustainable and prosperous economy.
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May 29, 2023   #2
This is a cause and solution essay. So you have indicated several causes of the problems related to the economic impact of population growth. You have properly indicated sources for your ifnormation and explained how these situations occur. What you did not provide were possible solutions to the problem. As such, overdiscussing the essay is not helpful in this instance since you will not get a passing score. It is difficult to achieve a passing score when you have not provided a resolution to the problem as the original prompt asked you to. The examiner will have no choice but to provide a score based on an under developed response presentation. Always remember to double check the prompts, make sure that you have completely responded to all the requirements before you submit the essay. You do not want to fail based on an avoidable error.

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