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What are the impacts are caused by the technology in our life.

selva 1 / -  
Apr 19, 2015   #1
What are the impacts are caused by the technology in our life.
Nowadays there is so many technology used in our life. We can say no place without technology. It make us many convenient and also inconvenient. I think technology used is depend on the user.

Internet is very important in the communication technology. It's provide many facilities those are easy to contact others because there are many applications whatsapp, Skype, messenger, twitter Facebook like that and also it's reduce the cost of communication.


ChristineB - / 108 55  
Apr 19, 2015   #2
Hello, selva. Thank you for submitting your essay to Essay Forum. Here are my suggestions:

What are The Impactsare caused by theof Technology inon Our lifeLives

Technology plays an important but complex role in many facets of our lives.

One important area in which technology has helped society is communication. Websites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Skype and whatsapp allow people to connect to each other instantly and easily. Technology allows us to transmit written documents, files, photographs and other important information to others with the push of a button; it is no longer necessary to rely on the post office or human carriers.Here I think you should elaborate on how technology helps communication. For example, maybe you could address how Skype and FaceTime allow for a face-to-face meeting for people who are very far apart, something we could have never done in the past.

Although technology can benefit communication in many ways, it can be detrimental in others. It can be difficult to preserve one's privacy and anonymity when interacting on websites like Facebook.Here I think you should talk about how this can make it difficult to get a job because future employers might find embarrassing information or photographs when researching a job candidiate.Additionally, using technology can be a "time-waster" - some social medial users have a tendency to spend hours online instead of interacting with others "in real life."

Technology also benefits the field of agriculture. Genetic modification allows farmers to produce food more quickly and more efficiently than in the past. Elaborate machinery also speeds the production of food. There are drawbacks to the use of technology in agriculture, however. Some question whether genetically modified food could be harmful. The use of complex machines that now do the work people once did eventually led to unemployment among farm workers.

The world of banking has also greatly benefited from the introduction of new technology. Money transfers, e-commerce, bank account supervision and other financial matters can now be handled conveniently and privately through one's home computer.

Technology plays an important role when it comes to transportation and travel, as well. Satellite-based navigation systems and internet traffic maps help us plan our driving routes and avoid areas of congestion. Like in other areas of life, however, this tendency to rely on technology can backfire. Accidents due to texting while driving are one of the newest concerns in the area of vehicular safety.

In conclusion, technology offers many improvements in our lives, but these improvements are accompanied by new problems and areas of concern that must be addressed.

Please provide good feedback if you like my work. Thank you!

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