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Is it important to follow fashion trends. State your opinions and give examples.

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Is following fashion important?

Fashion is a perfect marriage of creativity, communication, and utility. It is one of the purest expressions of art and historically elevated to the same stature as painting, literature, music, and sculpting. Prejudice confirms the tremendous uselessness of this fine art and intensely obliterates the fashion industry. I would rather enrapture incarnating distinctive fashion trends than be behind the times and denying fashion.

First of all, being trendy and fashionable transforms self-perception. The perspective people put on clothes is also the way they expose personalities and uniqueness. since the convergence of art and fashion is symbiotic. One can tell us much about a culture by the paintings it produces as by dresses, articles of clothing used for individual and collective expression. So as a painting, your body allows clothes to boost up self-confidence, declares culture, lifestyles, and beliefs. It is a mistake to assume that fashion makes garments fall apart and degrade body deficiency. Instead, fashion improves self-esteem by making the most of glamorous body parts and transforming them into greater forms, as you wish.

In addition, fashion encumbers toxic gender discrimination. The traditional views of the position of women within society are so deeply ingrained that they are unchangeable. With the support of fashion as a skillful tool to be "the apple to the public's eye", the propaganda of removing stereotypes of toxic masculinity and feminity will be smoothened. More and more celebrities have come forward in defiance of traditional, normative practices through the language of fashion. Miley Cyrus is a huge example of this manifestation since she attempted cutting her hair, putting on men's suits, and tended to masculine appearance, transmitting her opinions about fogy adjustment. Fashion definitely galvanized her bid.

Fashion not only enriches one's facade but also takes a significant part in specific professions, including modeling, designing, and being artist. The majority of the work of these occupations are about fashion, however, there remained a correlation with other spheres. It is illustrated that businessmen require a variation of fashion basis as the need of comprehending artistic goods: artists working in the aesthetic sector are advised to absorb fashion information as the conditions of analyzing and evaluating pieces.

To sum up, fashion artistically identify humans, form ambitions, and clear up future. I firmly believed that fashion puts no harm to humanity and this spectacular genre of art should be conserved, expanded, and displayed as widely as possible.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,709 3055  
8 hrs ago   #2
This 400 word essay does not follow the guidelines for a Task 2 essay. You are not paraphrasing the original topic and its reasons, and you have failed to provide a response to the original prompt question. You were being asked to write a simple 5 paragraph essay covering the topic of fashion and to what extent you agree or disagree that people should follow fashion trends. You wrote a whole research paper on the topic, none of which explains the extent of your opinion, since you never actually responded to the question.

This was clearly an extent essay but you failed to understand that. Hence, the incorrect response format and discussion presentation. The 400 words you wrote do not matter in this instance. You will automatically fail the test since you failed to follow the basic parameters for the discussion presentation. Next time, make sure you understand the discussion instruction before you write the essay otherwise, responding in a manner that does not respond to the task will result in another failing score for you.
vicz001 1 / 4  
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Here are some suggestions for your introduction (first paragraph).

You should paraphrase the first sentence of the essay topic in your first sentence. Then in a second or/and third sentence, paraphrase the second sentence of the topic and point your position ( agree or disagree).

(you could learn more by watching a youtube video "IELTS writing task 2: How to write an introduction" of IELTS Liz, this video have already had 5.3M viewer so I think you could trust use it)

Furthermore, you need to learn about Task 2's format first before writing an essay.
Hope this helps.

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