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how important is to maintain old buildings?should history stand in the way of progres

sam2012 1 / -  
Nov 14, 2012   #1
In this 21st century our society is eager to welcome all new discoveries.There are number of discoveries happening day by day.now a days most of the people does not giving any value for the old buildings whilst they like to built the new ones instead of that.However,it is agreed that old buildings should not knocked out while it should safeguard for the future.Therefore,it is an asset for the nation.

Therefore ,it is historically important to safeguard old buildings.Many countries they are famous because of the old monuments.for example:Taj Mahal in India.It is one of the wonders of the world.if our ancestors will destroy this means we won't be able to see that creature. Wheras,until now Indian government safeguarding it without any problems.whereby,by watching this monuments our young generation will get an idea about the old cultures and living style.Although,it will help to enhance their knowledge.

However,development is an essential part of a nation.thus,development through destroying old buildings is not a proper way.decades ago our ancestors spend months and years to built this old monuments.Moreover,in this new era we can't see that art work and style in our new buildings.so in the future it is expected that everyone will get to know the importance of safeguarding old building.

Inspired2012 4 / 20 6  
Nov 14, 2012   #2
Hi Saaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm ;) Is this for IELTS? If yes, What is the task for this essay? Is it to discuss? What are your views?

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