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The most important qualities of a good supervisor (boss) - rate my essay

Aug 25, 2010   #1
TOPIC: What are the most important qualities of a good supervisor (boss)? Use specific details and examples to explain why these qualities are important.

All employees in different work situations experience dissimilar behaviors of their boss, but they believe that some same qualities are visible on them. In my view, an advisor who attempts to handle his employees for achieving the main goals of his company should have a number of characteristics such as good-mannered, impartial and consideration.

First of all, a manager should behave politely. As the productivity of his company demands directly on his subordinates, he has to treat them well. In fact, a high-quality worker-boss relationship helps them to do their duties perfectly as a team. Besides, if the administrator considers his employees as foolish as possible, they don't trust him and disordering may be happened.

Secondly, he must be fair to his co-workers. When a little of workers are been promoted through an illegally way, it may perturb others' feeling. They think that their supervisor focuses on a special worker while an excellent manager considers the amount of works done by staff for raising their position. For instance, especially for my boss, although many of his relatives are employed in his company, but he always judges impartially.

In addition to words said above, the director should have responsibility to others' conditions. If a worker is late on a day, he must hear his words and then notices him at first time. He should know that the work efficiency of his staff relates to their circumstances. If he can be familiar to their troubles, next acts towards improving them, he may shape a pledge of work for them.

In conclusion, the supervisor who plays a main role in his company should have the best qualities to manage his staff. Behaving good helps him to provide a climate of cooperation between staff and him, also it brings respect to one another. Being impartial to others causes good feeling in his team to trust him carefully. Moreover, responsibility prepares him for choosing the best rights against problems. They are the main qualities for influencing a director's work, but other qualities such as being leader, being social, having highly discipline and honestly may also help him.

i think ''conclusion'' instead ''in conclusion'' is better,and you should use muntiply form of sentences instead use too much ''who'' ''whom''
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Aug 27, 2010   #3
All Employees in different work situations experience dissimilar behaviors from their bosses, but they believe that some same qualities are common to all good bosses.--- I think this is what you mean to say, right?

Let's make this a list of three nouns, because an attribute must be a noun:
...should have a number of characteristics, such as good-manners, impartiality and consideration.

I agree with you. These are great ideas.

One difficult concept to explain is responsibility. The good boss is willing to take responsibility for the performance of her subordinates.


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