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TOEFL: It is more important to set realistic goal than ambitious goals.

Emma19 1 / 2  
Apr 21, 2021   #1

It is more important to set realistic goal than ambitious goals

In my opinion, I doesn't think that it is important to set realistic goal than ambitious goal. I believe that goals needs to be the challenging one. If it is so simple & can be easily reached then, such goals is often considered boring goals. A goal should always be adventurous. I feel this way for a number of reasons, including that when the goal is ambitious one then we will fill most satisfied at the end after it's accomplishment.

First, I think that we should reach for the stars. By that i mean that it is important to know that sky is the limit so, we need to reach for something that is beyond the limit. With this thought we can accomplish anything in this world & also we can serve humankind whose who are in need. For example, every great success story, every incredible biography, any mind blowing achievement we've ever heard; all this was possible because one set ambitious goal over realistic one.

Next, ambitious goal will develop a number of important qualities in us including, persistence, experience, discipline, determination, creativity. Such qualities will help us to accomplish anything that is much bigger & valuable of which the world have rarely heard about. Frankly, there are times when i came in contact with one of my most ambitious friend. She had a ambitious goal in her life for which she had developed all those important qualities in her, i could see & feel that qualities of her right in front of me. After that though we were not in contact with each other for some reasons, i heard from other people that she meet the ambitious goal which she set.

Finally, ambitious goal provides clarity. When one set ambitious goal, their target will be to meet that goal instead of mere hopes and dreams which makes them clear about their life goal & adds meaning to it.

In summary, I would like to conclude that i disagree with the statement "It is more important to set realistic goals than ambitious goals".
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,692 3498  
Apr 22, 2021   #2
Your essay would have been clearer to the reader, with a clearer reference to the original prompt if, within your response, you were able to integrate your current final sentence in this presentation. A clear and straightforward offering of your opinion would have clearly set the tone for the succeeding discussion and kept it more on track. You of course, would need to have done that within a properly reworded paragraph. Launching into you own definition of goals, you actually strayed from the 2 types of goals that were originally presented. This created a rambling statement that did not really connect with the original prompt. Although a prompt restatement is not required in a TOEFL test, staying on topic, based on provided discussion points, is still a requirement.

Most of your paragraphs are long and have a point, for the most part. There is a problem with your opinion presentation because you lack clearly supported explanations via valid examples. As is a common problem among students taking these English tests, there is a tendency for you to simply keep giving reasons, but not really building up those reasons with believable explanations. The score for the TOEFL test is based on the clarity and connection of your discussions. There are points within your presentations when the clarity is obscured by the lack of explanation due to your desire to present reasons, rather than explanations in the essay. This essay presentation might still get a passing score in an actual setting, however, it will be a mere passing score. That means that it passed only by very little consideration, which, will affect the types of schools that you would be able to apply to. The lower the score you get, the lesser known schools you can apply to. Focus on reasoning and discussion, rather than reasoning topics alone in your practice tests.
alfaibtprep - / 2 1  
Apr 22, 2021   #3
Emma, your essay is nicely written. May be you need to check your grammar and spellings a bit but overall, you have conveyed a good message and throughout your essay you are consistent with your opinion. You should revise your conclusion and write a few more sentences.
Dipsana 1 / 1 1  
Apr 23, 2021   #4
Your essay is really good. Just elaborate the third passage with some good examples.

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