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It is more important for students to study science (government help)

bahareh 18 / 50  
Feb 27, 2012   #1
Hi everybody, please see my toefl essay and let me know how I could write more sufficiently. Thankyou

In many societies, people believe that students should study art instead of science because art is kind of a bridge which can connect different cultures to gather. However, I don't think in that way. In my opinion, studying Science leads to many benefits for students who are interested in such as more employment in future, new invention, and discovery for unknown diseases.

First and foremost, it is true that students, who are Science educated, are more likely to find jobs related to science than other jobs. There are varieties of employment opportunities in different level that a scientist can find. According to the news, countless jobs such as Biological research, medical professional and environmental experiment are the most favorite jobs that offered in every year from many companies around the world.

Second, through decade Science could save many people's lives from unknown diseases. Scientists help to discovery of unknown diseases which cause death of millions people. For example, small pox was one of the most dangerous diseases that was discovered by a famous scientist in 1975. If this scientist had not studied Science to solve this problem, he would not have discovered the vaccine to cure it. Therefore, helping the world to find the solution for dangerous diseases could be the best motivation for students who should decide to choose between Science and Art as their major to study.

Thirdly, undoubtedly studying Science leads to more invention and new technology for daily life. As can be seen, increasing in technology development is caused by more Science discoveries. For instance, there are new source of energy that replaced with fossil source like wind power, nuclear power, and also the energy that abstracted from some microorganism bacteria. Through these innovations, there are many ways that people can save energy supplies for next generation. That would not happen if Scientists did not have enough progress in their researches. Thus, Science has a key role in nearly all parts of our day_ to day lives successfully.

Finally, although art has a remarkable role to bund people's culture to gather, science plays more significant role to save people's lives. Government should support students who are willing to choose Science as their major in university by providing more programs related new discoveries in science world and its absolute benefits for people.

OP bahareh 18 / 50  
Feb 28, 2012   #2
Hi everybody; please put your effort to find my mistakes in the essay (It is more important for students to study science). I need improvement for my essay .

Thankyou so much

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