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IELTS;It's important to support artists,but important things should get priority

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Jun 2, 2013   #1
Some people think any money the government spend on supporting the artists (painters, musicians, poets...) would be better than other important things? To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Spiritual culture is of great importance that presents the human civilization. The fact that artists who have enormous contribution to this are supported by the government is necessary. However, it should not be over judged than other important things in life.

It is undeniable that artistic products have a magnificent value in our life. Artists may be considered one of the parents giving birth to them. Firstly, without musics, paintings, poets and novels, life deems to be a day without light that makes you blind in spite of your good eyes. Not only do they brighten and beautify this world with their wonderful lyrics, rhythms and colors but they also imparts the messages that teach people to live, love and devote. It would be impossible for anyone not to feel responsible for the environment when listening to the song "Earth", or learn to dedicate for his country after reading the novel "War and Peace". The impact those things leaves on our thinking and action is obvious. As a matter of course, the persons creating them ought to be motivated.

Nevertheless, it is neither the spiritual factor that builds up the whole world nor the only target that the society needs to achieve. All nations have set their developing goals consisting of sustainability, productivity, welfare and on top of that, the human beings development. That is, artists are a minor group of people needing support from the governments. Is entertainment demand necessary for the poor while their basic needs such as foods, housing and medical care have not been met? This fact in many a developing country raises a big question for the authority to deal with. Only when material conditions are improved do the impoverished pay attention to their spiritual life. Even in some rich nations, the budget for artistic field does not account large part in the government's expenditure.

In conclusion, despite the importance of artistic products and their authors, other significant issues like environment and people should be put on priority to make a better world.
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Jun 2, 2013   #2
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