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TASK 2: An increasing number of people are choosing to watch international television shows and ...

CuteLove 1 / -  
May 15, 2021   #1
An increasing number of people are choosing to watch international television shows and films.

Less nationally produced entertainment is being made each year.

What do you think is causing this trend and what are the potential effects for national identity?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experiences.

Nowadays, the figure of people who enjoy watching international programs instead of national shows, which leads to less entertainment by film-maker annually. This essay is going to discuss this trend caused by many reasons and seriously affected national character.

There are many obvious factors in terms of expanding knowledge and ensuring profit for entertainment companies. Firstly, the knowledge-implementing need about cultural foreign countries is necessary for revolution so people often pick up international channels to enjoy as well as study. For instance, if you watch BBC news, you can listen to many real and humorous stories and comprehend cultural behavior of different countries. More importantly, the producer predicted the needs of most people so they produced an outside-country program and limited funds for national ones to make more profit. When interests of people change, provider need to transmute old type into new type to caught in time tend age to exist in entertainment market.

This trend influences considerably on national identity in many ways for different kinds of people. Firstly, it may be a positive sign for characters if people maintain cultural value when watching more international products. In other words, although they approach many different cultures, they still select and enhance valuable identity for friends in the world, which express patriotism, intelligence and creation of people. However, if people were over-interested in other countries, their national character would gradually fade and disappear.

In my opinion, despite being only an entertainment type with a new trend that is quite suitable for circumstance today, it is formed from far-reaching reasons and affected deeply national identity. This trend can be taken into consideration as measure of character's judgement.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,700 3784  
May 16, 2021   #2
Nowadays, the figure of people ... national shows...

Your restatement should have stopped at this point. she next part of this sentence is notpout of the original presentation. If you meant to presentthat a part of your response to the direct question, then you should have framed it as such rather than a port of the original prompt to avoid restatement Inaccuracies.

Give reasons for your answer ...knowledge or experiences.

This instruction is with regards to thesis statement. You prove that you understood the question through your direct response.-This direct statement of facts will portray your task accuracy in relation to the discussion topic. Note that you are not being asked to restate the instruction because the restatement ends with your representation of the topic and reasson. The thesis statement then sets the discussion tone for the 2 reasoning paragraphs.

There are many obvious ... for entertainment companies.

Such sentences are only paragraph fillers. Jask' reasoning paragraphs score better when establishing topic sentences are used at the start. These topic sentences are later on accompanied by transition sentences for C&C scoring purposes. Every sentence you use must quickly move your reasoning foward within 5 clear and understandable sentences.

More importantly, the producer predicted the needs of most

This is an example of an unrelated discussion topic. It created a lack of coherence in the paragraph. Always use a transition sentence that can connect the 2 topics. If these are not related, then the paragraph lacks development and cohesiveness in relation to coherence.

In my opinion,

Cannot be a part of the conclusion. You may use the phrase in the reasoning paragraphs since the whole essay is based on your personal opinion. The last paragraph should simply restate the discussion in summary form.

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