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The increasing numbers of species come under threat of extinction; biodiversity

howard_le_3009 1 / -  
Sep 9, 2022   #1
The importance of biodiversity is being more widely recognized as increasing numbers of species come under threat.

What can be done to maintain biodiversity?

Humans' activities are causing damage to the environment, accelerating the pace of climate change. These environmental problems lead to a reduction in biodiversity, putting many animal and plant species under threat. To reverse this trend, both governments and individuals must take action to reduce the impact.

First, governments must conduct breeding programmes to improve biodiversity. In the programmes, endangered species can be nurtured in wildlife sanctuaries to breed in captivity to reduce the chance of going extinct. After reaching adequate numbers, those animals would be reintroduced into the wild to exist and give offspring.

Second, nations must preserve left natural habitats and formulate new protected areas. For decades, natural habitats have disappeared by deforestation and waste dumping; eventually, there has been a drastic decrease in wild species. In case the breeding programme is successful, but there is a lack of natural habitats, endangered species might decline again.

Finally, to protect the natural habitats for endangered species, it is vital to emphasise individuals' responsibility. People should raise their awareness of ecosystem preservation and environmental protection. Moreover, by recycling items and reducing waste, people can reduce garbage in landfills and protect forests from being exploited for commercial purposes. Therefore, wild animals and plants could have natural environments to survive.

In conclusion, preserving biodiversity must be done by governments and individuals through practical actions: implementing breeding programmes, maintaining natural habitats, and protecting the environment. Humans are an organism in the biodiversity, so protecting wild species means protecting humans' existence.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,249 4651  
Sep 9, 2022   #2
The essay does not meet the minimum word count of 250 words. Deductions based on the missing word count will be applied to the task accuracy score, which means the essay will start with a failing preliminary score. That is not how the exam taker wants to start this essay. He must write at least 250 words to avoid potential deductions based on technicalities. Due to this deduction, the essay might be prevented from achieving a passing score when all the deductions per section are considered.

A review and comparison of the original prompt against the writer's interpretation will show that there are very little similarities between the provided topic and the version the writer developed. This lack of proper connection with the original topic and presentation will mean that the task accuracy score for this essay will be failing due to the prompt deviation. There are certain aspects that are similar but the overall presentation changed the basis of the discussion.

Therefore, it is not important that I review the discussion paragraphs provided at this point. The writer has already made sure that he will not receive a passing score with this essay right from the start, based on the 2 mistakes he made in the presentation. It is important that the writer realize the importance of meeting the word count and prompt adherence in the task 2 essay. Once the writer does not meet these minimum requirements, he will receive a failing score, regardless of his discussion paragraphs.

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