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Increasing parenting abilities in result of participating in specified courses

syamsiahRahim 9 / 15 3  
May 1, 2017   #1
It is necessary for parents to attend parenting training course to bring their children up. Do you agree or disagree?

attending parental courses

Parent's role is more crucial for their children because the children as the providing first education for children in order that many foundations make available parenting training course for parents. Some people argue it is important for parent to follow it to increase their children ability, Other however, think it is not really necessary. I personally believe that attend parenting training course is important.

Some parents believe that attend parenting training course can disturb their job and just spend much money because they have had ability enough to take over their children. A 2008 parenting survey result that 78% parents ignored to attend parenting course which they though is not beneficial on both themselves and their children and more choice to do their job.

Although those less benefit for some parents, attending parenting course can help parent to improve their knowledge about the right method for taking over children hence they can increase ability for their children. Hency, for example, who student that her parent always follow parenting training course and her parent always teach her, exhibit the good progress in school than the other student whose parent is less parenting training course. From this then I believe that it more crucial parent to follow course of parenting training.

Taking into consideration, attending course of parenting training for parent is spending money and time but the parent can take many advantages for their children hence become a good person because of it more important for parents to follow it. I recommended that the parents who are too busy should re-schedule their routine so they can attend in parenting training course.

maily257 3 / 6  
May 1, 2017   #2
ability enough ==> enough ability. ( enough+ N or adj + enough)
you have to use words carefully. For example,the word "parent" should be used in plural form.
Ahmadham 4 / 11 7  
May 1, 2017   #3
Syamsiah, I have to say your essay is quite confusing. In your thesis, you clearly state that the trend is important, but your body paragrph covers both sides. As parenting training is essential for parents, then the idea you concern should only focus on that position. Explaining the reasons of your position is a must. For example, I PERSONALLY ARGUE THAT THE PROGRAM IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE PARENTS ARE THE MOST CLOSEST PARTY FOR CHILDREN AND THEY OFTEN ARE INCAPABLE ENOUGH OF EDUCATING THEIR CHILDREN PROPERLY.

Anyway to adjust your intro with the body paragraph, let me correct your thesis statement here.

This essay would argue that while parenting education only wastes beneficial time that the parents have, I am more likely to believe that the program is more essential as this will provide parents with best understanding of how to educate the children properly. .

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