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Writing IELTS: Increasing Pollution Caused by Private Cars (Solution)

bung ilham 14 / 30  
Aug 23, 2016   #1
As the number of private cars has increased, so too has the level of pollution in many cities.
What can be done to tackle this increasingly common problem?

Up to the present time, the number of people driving private vehicles showed a dramatic rise. This has caused the environmental problems such as exhausted fumes of cars hampering life in urban areas. From my perspective, there are many factors that are required to develop evenly solving air contamination issue. In addition to, the government should ameliorate the situation.

One potential solution of this problem is that the government should encourage car manufacturers to produce friendly-fueled transportations such as electric cars. For instance, for the past few decades, the government of China has offered monetary incentives to car manufacturers for each electric car they produce. Recent study showed that in Europe and in Asia, electric vehicles have grown in popularity. Therefore, all electric cars will help to reduce exhaust.

In the other solution, the government should concentrate to maintain the comfortably public transportation with cost less expensive than using a private car. Recent survey showed that two in three people in London have been using public transportation because the cost of public transportation is more inexpensive than driving a private car. In addition to, the British government has used the system since the twentieth century to restrict the number of private vehicles in the cities during the rush hours. Hence, this is all part of an effort to decrease greenhouses gases emitted from personal vehicles.

In conclusion, the increasing of private cars harms the social environment by its encouragement to the higher level of pollution. In this case, the government, one of the policy makers, should be relied on, as the problem solver. (262 words)

Faridadwi18 67 / 104 13  
Aug 23, 2016   #2
Hi Ilham,

- ... manufacturers for each electric carwhich they produce.
- In thean other solution is (...) public transportation withwhich cost less expensive than usinguse a private car.
- ... an effort to decrease greenhouses gaseseffects which is emitted from personal vehicles.

Hopefully it helps.
Ilmi_03 47 / 69 11  
Aug 23, 2016   #3
Hallo, Bung Ilham.
Nice to read your thread!
Here are some additional insights for you.

One alternative/possible(potential is not collocated with solution) solution of this problem (...) to produce friendly-fueled transport, such as electric cars. For instance, for the last few decades, the government (...) incentives to car dealers for each electric car produced .

... in Europe and in Asia, this kind of(use relative pronouns to avoid repetition) vehicles have grown in popularity. (You can mention the effect or in what way the regulation related to benefits for strengthening your idea)

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