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Increasing wider horizons by working or travelling before learning at university

IqbalThemi 44 / 46 13  
Apr 30, 2015   #1
Good preparation before starting university studies is considered as an important activity for students. As such, lots of countries around world encourage young people to work or travel after finishing in high school to improve their knowledge. Therefore, I believe that this trend can add young people's experience which is probably useful for their studies at university, although this can cause young people to forget some lessons which are ever learned in high school.

According to this topic, working or travelling improves young people's knowledge. For example, some graduated students work in factory. This can make them to know concerning the real life of adult. Also, if young people prefer traveling, they can learn different languages and cultures. As a result, young people can increase their wider horizons which can develop students' abilities before beginning to learn at university.

However, young people can lose some material of subject in their high school. The result shows that 75 % of students in first year at university are difficult to follow what they study in class since they forget some knowledge of subjects in high school. They also have to learn repeatedly about the materials which they forget. As a sequence, people are worry to their studies at university.

The aforementioned evidence reveals that although working or travelling gives negative impact for young people, it will not outshine benefits of working and travelling after graduation in high school. Therefore, I believe that young people should explore their abilities to have considerable experience of working and traveling to prepare their studies.

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